Winter Coat Guide

Choosing one perfect winter coat would be virtually impossible… Especially when you live in Chicago and you don’t leave your house without some sort of coat for about eight months out of the year!

In this post, I’ve broken it down into categories of coats! From puffers to faux fur, camel to colorful, teddies, heavy duty parkas, and everything in between. You’re sure to find a coat you’ll love for this season and years to come.

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Decor Inspo: Dining Nook

Back with another apartment inspiration post today! I’m working on a few apartment projects IRL that I hope to share on here sometime in February. While I’ve got a ways to go, it’s felt so good to finally be crossing some little corners off my list as D-O-N-E.

The photo above is what I’m planning to order for my little dining area!

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Friday Finds: Vol. 5, No. 4

It’s the first Friday of the year so I couldn’t miss this week’s Friday Finds! The first week back after a longer break is usually tough, but I really appreciated how this week felt a little bit slower. Seems like everyone was taking more of an ease-into-it approach, which was a welcome change!

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Decor Inspo: Home Office

As we’re all settling into the new year this week, I’m sure you’re probably in the same boat as me… Making lots of plans for the next twelve months. One big thing on my list is DECORATE MY APARTMENT! Dave always laughs at me because I’m like, “I HAVE A VISION!” To which he responds, “Then why don’t you have anything hung on the wall?!” I’m sorry, sir, would you like to hand over your credit card??? Didn’t think so.

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