Life is Gucci Silk Square Scarf

Life is Gucci Scarf

Rare AF! I found this in Japan in November of 2016 at the Gucci in Tokyo. I was obsessed with the “Life is Gucci” collection that summer (2016), but had never seen the scarf. (I’m actually thinking it was never sold in the US.) Sadly, I just never wear it. It’s the perfect large square size (same as an Hermes scarf) to wear as a headband, turban, belt, wrap scarf, etc. I had the idea to get it framed, but it doesn’t match any of my decor unfortunately!

Size: 90cm x 90cm

100% silk

Made in Italy

Retail Price: $500 + tax

Original box included!

Selling Price: $400 (including insured priority shipping)

Gucci Snakes Box

There is a tiny smudge mark… I’m not sure what it’s from. Wondering if it must have happened at the dry cleaners? You can barely see it (this was “the worst” I could get it to look), but I just want to make sure you know!