Favorite Fall Workouts

by Jessica Sturdy on October 15, 2014

adidas tee

Now that it’s cooled off a bit, it’s back to indoor workouts for me. I’ve long been into yoga, pilates, spin, and barre so I’m getting back in the groove of filling my calendar with classes! (And especially after Paris, I need ALL OF THE WORKOUTS. But more on that to come!) Hallie, Bianca, and I were talking about our post-Paris diets and impending two-a-days to burn off all of the bread, wine, and cheese calories we consumed on our trip and I have a handful of new classes that I want to try this fall!

Bianca films all of the Healthy Obsession videos for Glam.com (you can see them all here!) so she tries out a ton of new boutique fitness studios throughout New York and beyond. City Row, Chaise Fitness, and new types of ballet-inspired workouts are currently at the top of my list! Since I so heavily rely on group fitness classes (I’ve found they’re the best way for me to hold myself accountable.), I’ve actually been thinking about joining ClassPass. Have you tried it? It’s $99/month for 10 classes at any of the 200+ studios in their network in New York. Sadly, my beloved SoulCyle is not on the list. But FlyWheel, Exhale, Barry’s Bootcamp, and more are!

How are you planning on staying in shape this fall?!

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Keep it Classic

by Jessica Sturdy on October 13, 2014

white shirt with bow

I’m currently in Paris and studying the art of being Parisian with a major magnifying glass. There will be way more on this to come as it’s truly been a life-changing trip and experience, but right now I will tell you this — Parisian women are absolutely effortless. What does that mean, exactly? Parisian women have an aura about them that leads you to believe that they don’t try too hard, they’re more confident and accepting of themselves, and they certainly know how to keep it classic!

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Hurry, hurry!

by Jessica Sturdy on October 12, 2014

Eeeks! I’ve been not-so-patiently waiting for a J.Crew promo to scoop up a few of the amazing finds I saw in store a few weeks ago and I almost missed it. J.Crew is currently running 30% off, but Monday is the last day to take advantage! Use code WEEKENDPLANS!

Here are my favorite finds…

Are you shopping the sale? Let me know what you pick up!



by Jessica Sturdy on October 10, 2014

red crossbody bag

Bonjour! I’m writing this from our apartment (for the week) in Paris!

I feel bad there’s been a lot of radio silence over here the last week… I had so many posts planned pre-Paris, but I came down with an awful cold on Tuesday. I almost decided to skip out on our trip entirely, but I’m hoping if I lay low for our first few days, I’ll be able to at least enjoy the last half of the trip. Send healthy thoughts my way, s’il vous plaît!

Be sure to follow along on Instagram! Our trip hashtag is #3PeasinParis :)

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by Jessica Sturdy on October 4, 2014

Well guys, life is a funny thing. On Thursday, I was writing kind of an emotional post (I left it in tact below so you could get the full gist.) about missing home this weekend and I did one of the most fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants things I’ve done in a long time.. maybe ever. My post was all about how sad I was that I was missing a big football game back at home and I literally just got on United.com and booked a flight home for the next morning. Like, 12 hours later. I was writing the following post at the end of the day on Thursday when I got the wild hair up my ass to just fly home on Friday to be a part of the things I was missing out on. Yes, I leave for Paris in five days. Yes, this was my weekend to get shit done before my trip. And yes, my flight was preettyyy expensive. But screw it, ya know? When else in my life will I be able to just pick up and go on a whim? Might as well embrace it!

The best part? I totally surprised my parents. I let my brother in on the secret because I needed a ride from the airport. But other than that, it was a total surprise. There were a few points where I almost blew it, but it somehow worked out!

5:05pm – Writing Saturday’s blog post. Texting best friend about how I was sad I wasn’t going to be there. Start kind of browsing flights. Wait, this could maybe work..

5:30pm – Call my boss. He’s cool with it. (Side note: he’s seriously the best.)

5:45pm – Book flight.

6:05pm – Head home to start packing suitcase.

6:10pm – Mom calls me. WTF. I immediately freak out and think that she knows, but I try to keep it cool on the phone. Kept it cool. Stressed how busy of a weekend I had in New York. Time to say goodbye before I blow this — “See you.. What? Sorry, that my super.” GET IT TOGETHER, JESSICA. I literally almost said, “See you tomorrow!” to my mom on the phone. Fail. Crisis averted. I vow to not talk to any of my family members again until I see them.

7:30pm – Soul Cycle. Desperately need to work out all of this exhilarating anxiety.

9:00pm – Dinner with Hallie, Ashley, & Bianca. PASS THE VINO.

4:00am – Wake Up. Maybe I should have had one less glass of wine. Holy headache.

5:00am – Alright, alright. I’m up for real. Good thing I set 15 alarms.

5:30am – Leave for airport. Doze off in cab, natch.

7:00am – Flight to Chicago.

7:30am – Just kidding. Flight is delayed due to air traffic control in Chicago. You are the worst, O’hare.

8:30am – Finally, it was wheels up. Seated in the very last row (no reclining for me), seated next to a kid with a chili bowl who loves to sing, and the TV at my seat doesn’t work. Oh, and there isn’t WiFi on my flight. It’s almost 2015.. How the heck does a plane not have WiFi?! Guess I’ll just sing along with the kid next to me.

10:00am – Layover. (I would do anything for there to be a direct flight from New York to Springfield, IL. Anything.)

11:00am – Flight to Springfield. Oh, wait. It’s delayed, too.

12:00pm – Brother was supposed to pick me up from the airport before he went to class, but now that’s not happening. Flight takes off at 12.

1:00pm — Finally get to Springfield. Cab to my brother’s school to get his car. And off to surprise my parents at their office! :)

orange and blue outfit tailgating

A Saturday in the fall can really only mean one thing… College Football. And today, especially, I am really missing being back in Illinois.

I’ve talked about my love for Illini football many times before (read this post if you’re new around here), but the game this weekend is super close to home. (Both literally and figuratively!) My best friend from high school’s ‘little’ brother play football and Purdue (#10) and her family always has a big tailgate for the Illinois-Purdue game. Not to mention, both the quarterback at Illinois (#12) and my friend’s brother were both QBs at my very small high school. And each of the boys were in the same grade as and good friends with my brothers growing up! Basically what I’m trying to say is that it’s a big friggen Rochester High School reunion in Champaign, Illinois this weekend and I’m missing out. (If you’re not already bored with my sports chatter, read this article about the matchup for a little insight into my little hometown in Illinois. ;) ) With Paris being a short five days away, I knew I would have probably gone crazy had I planned a weekend trip just a few days before we left.

Needless to say, I’m rocking all orange and blue today in spirit and watching (and probably crying…) from my couch. Hope you have a great weekend! And Go Illini! ;)

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Crisp White, Camel, & Navy

by Jessica Sturdy on October 3, 2014

outfit to wear white jeans in the fall

Crazy Friday over here (more on that tomorrow) so I’ll keep it short and sweet! Wearing one of my favorite color combinations… camel & navy… in an outfit that’s perfect for the summer-to-fall transition. I’m definitely not ready to put away my white jeans anytime soon so pairing them with seasonally appropriate pieces in navy and camel shades feels just right.

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Sneakers & Sweats

by Jessica Sturdy on October 2, 2014

new york city graphic tee

Oh man, you guys. Working for the weekend over here! This week has felt unbelievably long. Hard to believe it’s only Thursday! I’ll be spending this weekend trying to get ahead on work and blog posts before my trip to Paris. Oh, and I should probably start figuring out what I’m going to wear while I’m there and figure out how the hell I’m going to fit all of it in a carry-on suitcase. Wish me luck! (I’ll be sharing exactly what I end up packing… Stay tuned!)

This outfit is typically what I wear when I’m just slumming it on the weekends and running errands around my ‘hood. Comfy pants (How effing amazing is it that sweatpants are a trend right now? Props to whomever started that one.), a graphic tee (not quite as graphic as this one), and a pair of sneakers. Comfy cas’.

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Line I Love: Danielle Nicole

by Jessica Sturdy on October 1, 2014


I got to pay a little visit to the Danielle Nicole showroom a few days ago and I am absolutely smitten! I actually went to their showroom on behalf of work, but since I couldn’t stop thinking about the bags after the meeting, I knew I had to share the brand with you. (I actually picked up the bag above – the Charlotte Shoulder Bag – for my upcoming trip to Paris!)

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Nautical & Navy

by Jessica Sturdy on October 1, 2014

nautical fall outfit

525 America Navy Cropped Sweater | Nicole Miller Maxi Skirt (on sale!) | Capwell + Co Necklace | C.Wonder Sandals (similar here & here) | LV Bag | Chanel Sunglasses (similar under $15!) | Michael Kors Watch | Jawbone Up24 Band (forgot to take it off for photos, oops!) | Capwell + Co Bracelets

This outfit is kind of rocking the mullet mentality… Fall on the top, summer on the bottom. A very nautical mullet, but a mullet none the less. I loved wearing this skirt so much throughout the summer months and I knew I would be able to take it into the fall, too. Whether it’s a basic tee or a cropped sweater, I think I’ve worn this skirt with just about every combination in the book… a gray tee, a white tee, a white sweater, a navy blouse, a burnt orange sweater… you name it. If I didn’t think my friends and coworkers wouldn’t start to question my over-wearing, I would probably try to mix it with dark kelly green, maroon, dark purple, or any other rich jewel tone. Or maybe even another pattern on top. With blue and white, the options are limitless!

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Autumn Weather Workout Gear to Grab

by Jessica Sturdy on September 30, 2014

adidas Boyfriend Tee | adidas Chevron Bra | adidas Cropped Sweatshirt | adidas Tights (also available here!) | adidas Boost Sneakers | adidas No-Show Socks | Foster Grant Aviators | Jawbone Up Band

Back at it with another pair of crazy cool adidas performer tights! (Two of my other favorite pairs here & here!) This time, it’s leopard print. While the thought of leopard print workout pants is a bit daunting, I am in love with these. The monochromatic gray/black pattern makes them totally wearable!

I’ll be talking about this more in the coming days, but I basically won’t be in New York for the month of October. I have so many exciting trips ahead, but it’s definitely bittersweet. October is my absolute favorite month of the year (well maybe tied with August, my birthday month), and it’s especially wonderful in New York. I’m so scared that the fall weather will be gone and the chill will have set in by the time I’m back in November. In an effort to maximize my time spent outdoors this season (and for the rest of the year, really), I’ve been spending almost every second outside.

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