Stars & Stripes + Sun & Sand

by Jessica Sturdy on June 20, 2014

Admittedly, my suitcase for my past few trips out of town has been packed within moments of dashing out the door to catch a cab to the airport. Like, packing for a wedding weekend in approximately 10 minutes. I wouldn’t necessarily advise doing that (#MajorAnxiety), but what can I say, I’ve always been one to cut it close with deadlines!

I’m heading back to Chicago for the 4th of July weekend in a few weeks (I know, right? Apparently I can’t get enough of that place this summer.) and I could not be more excited to go back and spend time with my closest friends. My mom is even going to try to come up for a day, which will be much welcomed as I haven’t seen her since Christmas!

Sun, sand, friends, family, the lake, and my favorite holiday… I cannot wait! I don’t know if it’s because summer travel is just so fun to pack for, but I’ve already started the packing list for my trip to Chicago.

I’m packing a few of my most patriotic pieces, as well as some must-have beach essentials. Oh, how I miss the beach in Chicago! Have I mentioned how much I can’t wait to be back?

My friends and I are even chartering a sailboat for the afternoon on the 4th. I’m beyond excited to dress is my boating best. You know I love any excuse to dress a little bit nautical! (Examples here and here.)

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Summertime Simplicity

by Jessica Sturdy on June 16, 2014

Last week we had a little taste of that awful humidity that New York is known for in the summer… And I did not like it one bit! (And judging from these photos, my hair wasn’t too keen on it either.) Isn’t it funny how you wait and wish and count down the days until the summer, but then b*tch and moan when it’s too hot? Oh wait, that’s just me? Oops.

If last week was any indication what’s in store for us come July & August, I’m going to be living in easy, breezy dresses. It’s the only way to get by! (And maybe by shaving my head if my hair continues to frizz and fall flat this badly…)

When I saw this dress, naturally I fell in love with the orange & blue stripes. (I mean, it’s perfect for Illinois games!) But then when I saw the price tag was less than $30, I knew it was a keeper! Can’t beat this kind of deal, especially when I  know I need to stockpile breathable dresses for the dog days of summer that are ahead of us.

When it comes to my summer wardrobe, simple starts to takeover. You know I’m a jewelry and accessories girl, but sometimes it’s just too dang hot. I love a printed dress that makes most of the statement, without having to add on too many extra layers.

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Weekend Web Wandering

by Jessica Sturdy on June 13, 2014

I got to plan a fun birthday photo shoot with Capwell + Co earlier this week! Thanks to Rebecca, the photos turned out so so so cute! The shoot re-sparked my love affair with balloons. (Remember this post?) Already planning my next birthday shoot with a big 2 and a big 5!

However, wrangling the balloons on a stormy day (thank goodness the rain held off enough for us to get the shots!) was no easy task. Gotta work on that patience thing…

Anywho, Capwell is taking 25% off every order this weekend with code HAPPYBDAY! Great time to scoop up the pieces I’ve been wearing on repeat lately — this necklace, this bracelet, this ring, these earrings, and this ring! Oh, and how cool is this hand piece?!

I’ll have a full outfit post with this dress next week, but until then you can find the dress here! It sold out on Nordstrom a few weeks ago, but it’s back in stock right now so get it while you can!

And a few other things that I loved on the web this week…

1. Julia’s Guide to Rosé! I may or may not have bookmarked this post on my phone so I can have a cheat sheet at the wine shop.

2. I’m all about the short viral videos. This Jim Carey video is pretty amazing (and inspiring!).. and just 60 seconds long!

3. As I was searching for apartment ideas, I came across Jacqueline‘s NYC studio tour on The Everygirl. Too cute!

4. Did you catch my Summer Bucket List? Follow along on Instagram, I’ll be crossing a few things off this weekend!

5. Don’t forget to enter to win a new MZ Wallace bag!

Have a great weekend! :)


99 Days of Summer

by Jessica Sturdy on June 13, 2014

Summer is unofficially here and I couldn’t be more excited! I’ve been writing this list since back when there was snow on the ground and I’ve even managed to cross a few things off already. What’s on your bucket list this summer?!

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Festival Fashion

by Jessica Sturdy on June 12, 2014

If you’re following me on Instagram, you probably saw that Hallie and I went to Governor’s Ball this past Saturday! Gov Ball is a 3-day music festival on Randall’s Island here in NYC. Since we’ve both been traveling a lot lately, we opted for a single-day pass instead of a 3-day. We got to see Disclosure, The Strokes, Jack White, Naked & Famous, and Skrillex. It was a really fun day of great music, Summer Shandys, and lots of sunshine!

MZ Wallace sent over their Marlena backpacks which turned out to be the perfect festival bags. Hands-free is an absolute must! Sure, you could use a cross-body bag, but with all of the festival necessities I packed, I needed some extra room! Hallie and I even took over their Instagram from the festival. Check out the photos here!

For my full outfit details, a peek inside my backpack, and a chance to win your own, keep on reading…

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by Jessica Sturdy on June 10, 2014

Kate Spade’s Surprise Sale is back! And it’s all about those summer travel plans! Here are some of my favorite pieces… What do you have your eye on?

I definitely think I’m going to scoop up one of the passport holders for my trip to Paris in October.. Which one do you like best? The daisies or the orange with navy stripes?



by Jessica Sturdy on June 10, 2014

After the winter we had, I’ve made it a point to be outside as much as possible this summer! I’m sure I’ll be singing to a different tune when the major heat & humidity sinks in in August (#GiveMeThatAC), but until then… alfresco!

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Weekend Web Wandering

by Jessica Sturdy on June 6, 2014

This list is a pretty entertaining read about being single in NYC.

I got to attend a fun event last night with the ladies from Sail to Sable. They created a line of tunics where 100% of the proceeds benefit pediatric cancer research via The Scarlett Fund. (Fun Fact: Scarlett picked out the colors and the trim of the tunics!) Check out the tunics here.

My friend Carly collaborated with Minnie & Emma on a fun line of products! Check them out here.

Did you see Hallie on the Soul Cycle blog??

My friends over at The Style Lab are having a major flash sale! I need this tote for summer.

How adorbs is this bow skirt?

Marc By Marc Jacobs on Gilt… So many bags in fun colors!

I’m still unpacking at my apartment. MUST FINISH THIS WEEKEND. (I thought I broke my toe last week when I tripped over a box.. ouch!) I’m also trying to decorate.. What are your favorite home decor sites or places to shop?? Would love to hear!

Have a fabulous weekend! :)

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Rompin’ ‘Round

by Jessica Sturdy on June 4, 2014

My friend and I were talking about how great rompers are this past weekend. They’re so easy, comfortable, and breezy! And then we realized that they’re essentially baby clothes for adults. Kind of along the same lines as pajama jeans, but in onesie form. Comfy Chic!

I paired my printed romper with ankle strap sandals and a denim jacket for a casual weekend look. (Big shock, I know.. Me layering with a jean jacket. #sarcasm) I accidentally sized up in this Old Navy romper, but it still works… I wish it was a little less flowy in the mid-section, but I’m hoping I can shrink it a bit. PS: It also comes in a fab cobalt color that I’m thinking of scooping up. $30 plus they’re having 25% off right now.. Can’t beat it!

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Say Yes to the Dress

by Jessica Sturdy on June 3, 2014

It’s the dress! I was shopping at Nordstrom in Chicago over the holidays, just perusing the designer sale rack when I spotted this dress. Oh, this dress. I had been madly in love with it ever since it hit stores, but just couldn’t justify the price. Without an insanely special occasion, it’s hard to justify spending $1,000 on a dress, am I right? So imagine my lovestruck eyes when I spotted this one single dress on the sale rack. I checked the tag, but I can never really remember what my European size conversion is, and we all know how sizes vary from designer to designer. So I promptly headed to the dressing room… And here was my thought process… This dress isn’t leaving my sight! It’s like 40% off! Still, though, that’s a lot to spend on a dress! But I’ve been so in love with it. And it’s the last one! Maybe it won’t fit… Ahh, but I hope it does! I put it on and while it was a size too big, it was effing magical. I felt like a princess… Nothing a little tailoring can’t fix, right? Since the bottom is big and poufy anyhow, I would only need to get the sides of the bust and waist taken in. So after mulling it over in the dressing room for like 45 minutes, sending pictures to basically everyone I know to get confirmation that I couldn’t pass this up, I decided to splurge and treat myself to a Christmas present. And a present is just what I got… I think the tag was marked down to $540. But for whatever reason, it had been reduced even further. It rang up just over $300! ADGAEDVVCMLJKUNVCOEFY… HOLY SH*T. Every little bit of hesitation disappeared and I was on a high. A Red Valentino dress for like 70% off? YES PLEASE.

So what did I learn from that experience? When a dress so perfectly embodies you, just buy it and the occasions will come. I mean, we definitely don’t want another “the one that got away” situation.

I’ve worn this dress to a work party during Fashion Week in February, for an impromptu video shoot a few weeks ago, and to a wedding this past weekend. I get so many compliments whenever I wear it… It’s one of those dresses that I don’t mind wearing over and over and over again! The dark floral pattern makes it easy to wear year round and with all of the gorgeous colors in the print, my shoe options are endless. Plus, the material doesn’t really wrinkle so I had no problem packing it in my carry-on. I know I’ll be wearing this dress for years to come!

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