Gift Guide: The New Yorker

by Jessica Sturdy on November 11, 2014

what to buy a new yorker for christmas

Bliss Spa | Uber | Soul Cycle | Seamless

If you ask a New Yorker what they want for the holidays, they’ll probably just tell you Rent Money. Or Sleep. Or a combination of the two.

Now that I’ve been in New York for two and a half years, I’ve learned a thing or two about living in this crazy city, and I’ve definitely developed my share of (crazy expensive) habits.

Rent is astronomical. You’d never believe what I pay for my studio apartment in a walk-up building in a grungy neighborhood in Manhattan. I’ve seen a mouse (still suffering from PTSD) and a cockroach in my apartment, yet I still somehow pay more in rent than a mansion mortgage in Illinois. So yes, cold hard cash for rent definitely tops my wish list. #MakeItRainSanta

Grocery Shopping? I’m not sure I know what you’re referring to. Ha, I kid. But seriously, there have been months at a time that I’ve gone without stepping foot in a grocery store. (And then when I finally did make a trip to Whole Foods, I got caught in a torrential downpour and the contents of my bags splattered across Houston Street… But that’s a story for a different day.) Seamless is a girl-on-the-go’s best friend. While I really do try to make more meals at home, I play the “too busy” card on the reg. Seamless is just too easy! Funny fact: I actually deleted the Seamless app from my phone because it’s just too easy to order food. Especially after a night out! ;)

I can’t forget about Soul Cycle. Considering it’s essentially a therapy session and a workout all in one, I justify the hefty price tag. I definitely wouldn’t be mad if I discovered a mad stack of Soul Cycle gift cards under the tree this year!

And since stress and sleep deprivation is all too common in New York, a spa day at Bliss would never, ever be turned down.

Bliss Spa | Uber | Soul Cycle | Seamless


Twenty Five Days of Gift Guides

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Stripes, Sequins & Shimmer

by Jessica Sturdy on November 10, 2014

rachel zoe collection

I still have a few posts from Paris to share with you, but I figured I’d break it up a little and tell you a little bit more about my trip to Vegas two weekends ago!

We really had the best time with the whole team at Zappos. We dined at some great restaurants (Carson Kitchen, Park on Fremont & Wild), got to spend a ton of time outdoors (in warm weather!), toured the Zappos HQ (excited to read their CEO’s book – Delivering Happiness), discovered a lot of new-to-me-artists at the Life is Beautiful Music Festival, and spent a whole lot of time goofing around with Anthony, Justin, and Hallie.

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25 Days of Gift Guides

by Jessica Sturdy on November 10, 2014

Hi guys, Happy Monday! I feel like I’ve been flying under the radar a bit the past few weeks. Between my #JetSetJess travel schedule and work being crazy, I haven’t been able to post as much as I would have liked. However, I’ve been working on a ton of content behind the scenes.

I’m kicking off TWENTY FIVE DAYS OF GIFT GUIDES today! That’s right, 25 different gift guides to help you out during the holiday season. Starting today and wrapping up on December 12th, I’ll be posting a new gift guide each and every day, Monday through Friday. (Don’t worry, I’ll still be posting all of my outfits, too! #twoadays) I know it seems kind of crazy to be thinking about holiday gifting already as we’re not even to Thanksgiving, but I want to give you plenty of time to browse, shop, and not have to pay for rush shipping.

If you don’t plan on starting your holiday shopping for a few weeks, I hear ya. My suggestion? Pin the gift guides now and reference them later!

Whether you’re on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Pinterest, the hashtag to search my gift guides will be #BowsGG. And to keep it easy, I’ll be storing all of my gift guides in one easy-to-access Pinterest board.

PS: If you have any gifting questions this holiday season, tweet me or email me! I’m happy to help! Picking out the perfect gifts for friends and family is one of my favorite things to do. :)

To kick things off, I’m starting with my own personal wish list! It’s filled with bows (natch), sweet scents, deep jewel tones, and a lot of sparkle. One of each, please, Santa!

bows and sequins gift guide wish list 2

Rachel Zoe BookPerfume | Sunglasses | Cuff | Hair Bow | Tassel Key Ring | Leopard Clutch | Perfume | Velvet Pumps | Crystal Bow Pumps | Lipstick | Candle | Ring | Bow Eye Mask | Bow Clutch

Click through the slideshow below to shop these gifts and more from my wish list…


Twenty Five Days of Gift Guides

Day 1: Jessica’s Wish List | Day 2: The New Yorker | Day 3: Sparkle Obsessed | Day 4: Festive Finds | Day 5: Plaid & Tartan

Or check them all out on this Pinterest board!


Weekend Reading

by Jessica Sturdy on November 9, 2014

j.crew bow sweater gingham shirt

Photo by Lydia Hudgens from this post.



An Inspiring Weekend Ahead

by Jessica Sturdy on November 6, 2014

cute fall outfit with hat and scarf

As much fun as traveling is, I am so ready to park it in NYC for the next few weeks until the holidays roll around. Fall in NYC is definitely my favorite time of year here and I want to enjoy it before winter sets in!

This weekend I’m staying in town and attending the Cosmopolitan Fun Fearless Life Conference on behalf of Express. It’s a two-day event (Saturday 11/8 & Sunday 11/9) right near Lincoln Center at the David H. Koch theatre. The panel line-up is pretty stocked — Joanna Coles, Editor-in-Chief of Cosmopolitan, Chrissy Teigen, and Elizabeth Crystal, CMO of EXPRESS, just to name a few.

If you’re interested in attending (find me and say hi if you do!), you can get discounted tickets with the code EXPRESS20. See you there!

Even though I won’t be on a plane this weekend, I’ll still be wearing my typical travel look that also works well for a weekend conference — a cozy sweater, comfortable jeans, a thick scarf, and a pair of booties. I was joking with one of my girlfriends the other day about how “once you go cashmere, you can never go back.” But I definitely stood corrected when I tried on this sweater at Express! It’s so soft, and almost feels like you’re wearing cashmere. (At a fraction of the price!) A scarf is my go-to neckwear. Especially with the current blanket scarf trend, you’ve got an accessory, a pillow, and a light throw all in one!

I always wear my boots or booties on the plane so they aren’t taking up space in my carry-on suitcase. And while I wish I could just wear sweats on the plane, I usually don’t have time to make outfit swaps. Comfy jeans are key. I’m obsessed with Express’ mid-rise legging jeans… The perfect amount of stretch and the fit is spot on! If I’m packing a hat, I always wear it on the plane because I don’t want to risk it getting smashed and ruined in my suitcase.

fall stylish travel outfit holiday

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Press Pause

by Jessica Sturdy on November 4, 2014

what to wear with white jeans in the fall outfit

I don’t know if it’s because I’ve basically been away the entire month of October, but I really can’t believe it’s November. I seriously feel like I was drinking rosé by the gallon al fresco just yesterday. When it briefly snowed in Chicago on Friday, it was a rude, rude awakening for the winter weather that’s bound to be here before we know it. I wish we could just press pause and it could stay October forever. In my mind, there’s nothing better than wearing a cozy cowl neck sweater, a light Barbour jacket, and tan booties.

On the topic of these booties, I am seriously obsessed. I got them right before my Paris trip, but I was hesitant to bring a brand new pair of shoes on vacation. Seems like I would be asking for blisters, right? Wrong. While I didn’t bring them to Europe, I’ve been wearing them non-stop since I’ve been back and regret not bringing them along. The first day I wore them, I ended up walking 16,000 steps running around NYC on a sunny Saturday. (Still loving my Jawbone Up band!) Not so much as even a foot cramp. Absolutely no break-in time.. Perfect heel height for everyday wear.. The most gorgeous go-with-everything tan color.. And a classic gold zipper detail!

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Wild Witch of the West

by Jessica Sturdy on November 3, 2014

black felt hat with bow

I was hoping to have this post up on Friday in the spirit of Halloween, but per usual, life got in the way. This past weekend I took plane rides #10 & #11 (this month) to and from Chicago to visit my college friends. (M’f’ing jetsetter, you guys. I was looking at my United log and I’ve flown 15,972 miles in the month of October alone. Soo much fun obviously, but so exhausting at the same time.) The trip back to New York went smoothly, however, the trip to Chicago on Friday was a total pain in the ass. Plane took off two hours late due to mechanical issues… Wifi on the plane was broken… O’hare shut down all but one runway because of the crazy wind and rain and we had to fly around Chicago for an hour before landing… Basically, my usual two-hour trip took six hours. And the weather in Chicago was bru-tal when I got in. Oh, and I forgot a coat in my mad dash to Laguardia that morning. But even with all of that, it was (as always) an amazing weekend in Chitown! Since I had barely any time at home to prepare for Halloween this year, I took a pretty easy route with my costume. Since I already look like Amanda Seyfried in her ‘Mean Girls’ days (or so people tell me), I wore mouse ears and a sweatshirt that said “I’m a mouse, duh.” (You can see the photo on Instagram here!) What did you dress up as this year??

Back to this post, though.. The weekend before last I was out in Las Vegas with the Zappos team! Hallie, Justin, Anthony and I flew out on Friday and spent the whole weekend in the dessert with our favorite online retailer. In between shows at the Life is Beautiful music festival, we basically got to play dress up with the Zappos closet. While Zappos is obviously known for their huge shoe selection, the site is also stocked with clothes, bags, jewelry, watches, hats, outerwear, sunglasses, cold-weather accessories, etc.

We spent Saturday morning styling looks and shooting photos around downtown Las Vegas with their in-house photographer, Pete. This particular outfit is a little bit darker than what I normally go for, but I kind of love it. I must have been in the spooky spirit a week early because I feel like this look is a bit witchy. Black lace, pointed pumps, and a black hat to match. Witchy, but totally wearable, too.

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Warm-Up Gear to Heat Up Your Workout

by Jessica Sturdy on October 29, 2014

green beanie

My style this time of year always revolves around layering and my workout wardrobe doesn’t fall far behind. It’s getting to be that time where it’s wayy too chilly to get to the gym without a few extra layers added on top. And our window of ‘walking-home-from-the-gym-without-changing-out-of-our-sweaty-clothes’ is most certainly closed. Bittersweet, that’s for sure. Upsetting that cooler (and then much cooler) temperatures are setting in for the foreseeable future, but I always look forward to busting out some long-sleeved layers. At least for a month or two, anyway. :)

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Fading into Fall

by Jessica Sturdy on October 26, 2014

layer a long sleeve stripe tee with a vest and jacket

In the spring and summer months, I’m constantly wearing color. From fun floral prints to nautical stripes and unexpected pairings, I’m usually wearing something bright, cheery, and colorful. Once the seasons change, though, I find myself gravitating towards color-less looks. As of late, I think navy is the only twinge of tint I’ve worn. I was looking at my Instagram the other day and I realized what used to be a feed filled with pops of pink is now much more muted.

To avoid falling into the all-black New York trap, I try to balance my monochromatic looks with shades of gray and white. It’s all about incorporating texture, too. Whether it’s a leather sleeve, a thermal tee, or even a wax-coated denim vest (or all three!), colorless looks are so much more interesting with touches of texture.

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Quick Coffee Run

by Jessica Sturdy on October 22, 2014

calypso cashmere wrap sweater, ralph lauren red bag

For our quick coffee-to-go runs in the morning, we would go to this shop just around the corner from our Paris apartment. We found that Parisians aren’t big on multi-tasking, which is actually something that I’m personally working on now that we’ve been back. (More on that to come!) What that means for coffee, though, is that it’s a lot more common to sit down and enjoy a cappuccino or espresso, rather than grab your coffee and run. A much slower pace of life that was thoroughly enjoyed and is definitely missed now that we’re back in NYC. However, when it comes to coffee, New Yorkers don’t f*ck around. We need coffee before we get to where we are going for breakfast. And then obviously during breakfast. And probably again after breakfast. So naturally, we found a coffee-to-go shop to get our morning fix while we were getting ready and planning our day.

Actually, this past weekend I read a little sign that said New Yorkers consume SEVEN TIMES more coffee than the average American. I believe it! Fun Fact: I swear New York has the best sidewalk chalkboards around. There are always funny expressions, quotes, or little factoids that have me chuckling as I walk past. I would have taken a photo of the sign, but ya know — no phone. Oh, and a little update on that — My new one finally came yesterday! I’m back on the map. Now I just need my new case to get delivered!

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