Sleeping Secrets

by Jessica Sturdy on March 4, 2015

bows and sequins apartment nyc bedroom

In order to freshen things up for spring, I’ve spruced up my apartment a bit to make it feel brighter and more colorful. (It looks a little different than the last time you saw it, huh?)

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Short on Time, Not Style

by Jessica Sturdy on March 3, 2015

all black outfit new york city

 Sometimes you just need an outfit that’s quick, easy, and put-together. Maybe you overslept, maybe you feel totally uninspired by your closet, maybe you had a wardrobe malfunction when you were getting ready, maybe you had a late night the night before. Whatever the occasion may be, wearing all black is typically one of my go-to’s for these not-so-ideal situations.

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Sale Stalker: Shopbop

by Jessica Sturdy on March 3, 2015

Because we all love a good sale, I wanted to share Shopbop’s Tiered Sale Event with you! It starts today and runs through Saturday. Spend $250+ and save 15%, spend $500+ and save 20%,  and spend $1,000+ and save 25%.

I’ve broken down my favorites into three categories… Budget Friendly Buys, Classics Worth the Investment, and Things to Splurge on This Spring!

Happy Shopping!

Budget Friendly Buys


Classics Worth Investing In


Springtime Splurges


Winter Weekend Escape: Newport, Rhode Island

by Jessica Sturdy on March 2, 2015

Happy Monday! (And happy March!) It’s hard to believe that we’re already a few months into 2015, isn’t it? It definitely doesn’t feel like March considering we spent yesterday afternoon battling a snow storm, but hey, at least we are getting closer and closer to spring!


How was your weekend? I went on a little girls getaway that was super short, but oh-so-sweet. Julia, Lauren, and I drove to Newport, Rhode Island on Friday night to meet Jess, Loren, and Marissa for a quick winter weekend escape.

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Weekend Round-Up

by Jessica Sturdy on February 28, 2015

Happy Weekend! I haven’t done a round-up of my favorite reads and links in a really long time so fore warning, a few of these might be a few weeks(/months) old. Enjoy! xo


  1. When I read the quote above, it was as if it was written for me. It was exactly what I needed to hear, at exactly the right time. Thank you, Liz!
  2. My friend Mackenzie’s online shop, Design Darling, turns THREE this weekend! I know I’ve rambled on and on about this before, but I’m just so fortunate to have so many kick-ass girlfriends. So proud of all that Mackenzie has accomplished in the last few years! PS- She’s celebrating by giving you 20% off all weekend long… Use code CANTSTOPWONTSTOP at checkout!
    1. I have this passport cover and love it!
    2. Can’t get enough of her white & blue vases and lamps — one / two / three
    3. Obsessed with these pillows — one / two / three
  4. This was one of my favorite outfits as of late. Just feels so fresh!
  5. I am so happy for Grace and the launch of her new website! After 4+ years of blogging, I’m doing my first-ever custom site design this year (my current one is just a template) and I couldn’t be more excited. Hoping it will be live by June!
  6. I absolutely loved Meghan’s post about her 4-year New York anniversary!
  7. I always love hearing about workouts that really make a difference! I am really loyal to SoulCycle and hot yoga, but I’m in desperate need of adding a toning class to the mix. I took a few barre classes last spring (or maybe the spring before..) and saw results instantly. I need to get back into the groove of mixing those into my routine! Check out Liz’s post on The Dailey Method, a barre class in Chicago.
  8. You know I’m a sucker for personalized stationery — So in love with this set and this set from Design Darling.
  9. Seven (Semi) Surprising Things to Help Reduce Stress
  10. These photos of New York are absolutely stunning!
  11. 15 Ways to Live a Year Without Regrets
  12. This is SO TRUE! 20 Things Only People Who Love Going Out to Eat Understand
  13. I enjoyed this essay about a preppy girl finding her way in NYC! I completely relate to a lot of the sentiments about morphing a preppy style into looks that work in New York.
  14. I was definitely chuckling throughout this one… It’s so, so, so accurate.
  15. The Seven Best Exercises for Women Who Wear Heels

See you Monday!

PS- Don’t forget to follow our Newport adventures on Instagram this weekend! xo


Playing with Proportions

by Jessica Sturdy on February 27, 2015

bcbg cropped sweater, j.crew long silk blouse, express skinny jeans, just fab mid calf gray booties

While today’s story definitely can’t beat the story from earlier this week, there’s obviously some sort of clusterf*ck involved because we’re dealing with me. 95% of the time, my life is 100% ruled by Murphy’s Law. (“60% of the time, it works every time…” #namethatmovie)

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50 Shades of Grey

by Jessica Sturdy on February 26, 2015

black coat with white jeans

There’s nothing I love more than the crisp look of winter white jeans! Yesterday it felt like summer in the city (when in all actuality it was only 36 degrees (Fahrenheit)), so I put away the puffer and opted for a wool topper instead.

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Subway Sledding

by Jessica Sturdy on February 24, 2015

duck boots outfit blogger

Ahhh, snow days in NYC. Sometimes they are like this. Some days they are like this. And sometimes, on the really special days, they are like this.

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Girls Night Out

by Jessica Sturdy on February 20, 2015

winter going out outfit

Three of my college besties are coming in town this weekend and I’m so excited to catch up and have a girls weekend! Much, much needed.

Getting dressed to go out in this frigid cold is always a challenge… You want to look cute, but you don’t want to freeze your butt off. (And just so we’re all on the same page — you definitely don’t want to be that girl that’s not wearing tights or a coat!)

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Below Zero

by Jessica Sturdy on February 18, 2015

leopard coat, LBD black dress

Oh man, you guys. Shooting outfit photos has been a real b*tch lately. The struggle has been so real.

It was -10 degrees when we were snapping these pictures… A really great way to start the morning! Kind of like taking an ice bath, I would assume. Taking photos in windy conditions is my biggest pet peeve… My dresses, skirts, and tops blow around in the most unflattering of ways and my hair never cooperates. This icy -10 degree wind, though, was the most brutal I’ve ever felt and had me feeling like I was back in Chicago.. But maybe even worse!

It was one of those days where we got a whole heck of a lot more outtakes than useable photos.

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