Skincare Secrets

It’s taken years, but I finally feel like I have a handle on my skincare routine. I’ve gotten to the point where I understand my skin so much more and am finally picking the correct products for my skin type. Turns out, my skin is actually pretty dry, but I’m prone to breakouts, too. So for years, I was using harsh anti-acne products that were stripping my skin dry, which was making my skin actually produce more oil and adding to the problem. Not good. It seemed counter-intuitive to me at first, but moisturizing (and moisturizing often!) was actually the solution to my skin woes!

Taking care of my skin is probably my #1 beauty priority. I’m kind of obsessive about doing masks every week, making sure I wash my face minutes after a sweaty workout, and moisturizing like crazy. Especially when I travel, I really make sure to take care of my skin. Different climates and temperatures can take their toll, so I’m always trying to stay one step ahead.

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Faux Fur

When in Aspen, you can’t go wrong with faux fur. There were multiple times that I wished I had brought a few more pieces along. It’s the perfect way to keep warm while still looking a little bit luxe. This faux fur hat of mine doesn’t work for every day… I tend to only wear it when the rest of my outfit is subdued. But it proved to be the perfect accessory for an outfit to go out in Aspen!

Since the sidewalks were mostly shoveled, I didn’t mind wearing my new booties out for dinner one night  at The Grey Lady. (Yes, the same Grey Lady that’s on the LES in Manhattan, just a few blocks from where I used to live! .. Apparently there is one on Nantucket, too!)

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Ski Sweater on the Slopes

I have a full recap coming your way later this week, but I had the best time in Aspen over the weekend. (Even though I was so sick. 😷) I came home on Sunday to a deep freeze in Chicago and have been wishing I was back on the snow-covered slopes ever since! When it’s warmer in the mountains than in Chicago, you start to think you’re doing something wrong. Who wants to plan a trip back to Aspen before the season is over? Count me in!

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Take It Outside

I’m writing this post as it’s currently -1° (Fahrenheit, without windchill) in Chicago. My weather app says that it currently feels like -17°. 😳 Hopefully today is the last day of the dangerously low temperatures because it’s almost impossible to convince myself to go outside, let alone walk anywhere! Back when it was a balmy 41° a few weeks ago, I ventured out to the path along Lake Michigan for a nice little walk to clear my head. I live just a half mile from the lake, and I’m embarrassed to say that I definitely do not take advantage. I remember seeing this photo that Carly posted a few weeks ago and thinking, “Man, I really wish I lived near the water.” *lightbulb moment* Have I actually lost…

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Headed to Aspen!

I’ve been to quite a few different ski resorts out West… Sun Valley, Big Sky, Breckenridge, Winter Park, but I haven’t been to Aspen yet. Located in the Rockies in Colorado, Aspen is a ski resort town known for it’s luxe restaurants, boutiques, and more! I’m headed there today and I could not be more excited!

Some ski-towns are more laid back than others, but pretty much all of them are simply relaxed. Aspen has a glitz and glam reputation, but I’ve heard that the locals are just as down-to-Earth as the rest of the resorts in Colorado and that Aspen offers a little bit for everyone. I’m staying at the Sky Hotel, have you been?

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