Parisian Pastels

by Jessica Sturdy on March 16, 2015

classic trench coat white dress spring outfit

Spring is just a few days away and I couldn’t be more excited! I’m craving a season full of soft shades of pastel pinks, purples, and blues that feel oh-so-Parisian. A little bit of news — I’m actually heading to Paris again in a few weeks (!!!) and I’m so excited to be back in that magical city. Words can’t even express my excitement, really. Let the outfit planning begin!

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Slush City

by Jessica Sturdy on March 12, 2015

cute rainboots

It’s been both slushy and rainy this week in the city, which calls for a pair of make-you-smile rain boots!

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Breezy Boho

by Jessica Sturdy on March 11, 2015

perfect ripped jeans

The amount of times I’ve worn this sweater this winter… yikes. It’s kind of embarrassing. Even though this is only it’s second blog appearance (first outfit here), it’s been a staple!

Instead of wearing it with all black, I paired it with destroyed denim, suede booties, and a tassel necklace (or, actually, two of them) for a more boho look. Which one is your favorite?

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March Madness

by Jessica Sturdy on March 10, 2015

upward facing dog yoga pose

While I can’t believe it’s already March, I’m so ready for spring! Let’s hope it’s not too many more weeks before bare-leg and bikini season is upon us. While it’s crazy to think two months have come and gone in a flash since New Years Eve, March also signifies one more thing — crunch time.

Whether you’re headed to the beach for a Spring Break getaway, or simply trying to get in shape before summer rolls around, the clock has just started to tick a whole lot faster. Am I right? If you’ve got an upcoming getaway planned, you probably have a few weeks until you’re boarding your flight to paradise. If you’re trying to get bikini-ready by Memorial Day weekend, you’re halfway there! March is a great time to do a check-in with your New Years Resolutions. Are you accomplishing the goals you set for yourself? Are you still on the right track? Don’t get down on yourself if you’re a little bit off the path you pictured yourself on! It’s a new day, it’s a new month, and it’s not too late to start NOW. You’ve still got plenty of time to achieve those goals if you put in the work!

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Sperry x Gray Malin

by Jessica Sturdy on March 10, 2015

A good collaboration strikes a certain chord with me. I love them. I don’t know what it is, but I just get so excited to see some of my favorite brands team up together. Or better yet, when I learn about a new-to-me brand through a brand I already know and love. When two fabulous brands come together, the result is usually pretty epic. Chocolate and peanut butter, for example. ;)

At my day job, I work on our brand partnerships and it’s easily my favorite part of my role. So, naturally, I’m always on the hunt for brands partnering up in new ways!

As you can imagine, I was thrilled to find the Sperry x Gray Malin collaboration that launched today!

You probably know Gray from his absolutely stunning over-head shots in the most gorgeous of places all over the world. I can’t wait until I can purchase one of his pieces for my home!

And we all know (and love) Sperry Topsider!

Meet Sperry x Gray Malin. You can find out more about the collab here and shop the styles here! (PS: There’s both Men’s & Women’s!)

These are my two favorite styles…

sperry gray malin 4

Seacoast Lisbon Umbrella Sneaker

sperry gray malin 3

AO Lisbon Umbrella Boat Shoe


Skinny Jeans… Literally.

by Jessica Sturdy on March 9, 2015

dl 1961 florence jeans

Happy Monday! Hope you had a lovely weekend. It finally started to feel like spring yesterday (50 degrees!!) and I was on CLOUD NINE. So let’s hope that sticks around!

I posted a little teaser about these jeans on Instagram last night because I just couldn’t wait to share them! They’re the most flattering skinny jeans I’ve worn… Seriously! And there’s a chance for you to win a pair at the end of this post. :)

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Black & Beige Basics

by Jessica Sturdy on March 7, 2015

zara turtleneck and j.crew skirt

An extra outfit post this week because… why not? I’m hoping if I hurry up and post the rest of my below-freezing outfits that maybe the seasons will start to change. Right? Let’s fugging hope so.

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Think Spring

by Jessica Sturdy on March 6, 2015

spring color combination -- camel, pink, blue, and cream

Oh, spring, you evasive little.. season. Just when I have the slightest inkling that 40 and 50 degree temperatures are here to stay, Mother Nature goes ahead and dumps yet another snow storm on us. I feel like I’ve been a pretty good sport this winter, but I’m seriously at my wit’s end. If spring isn’t right around the corner, I think I’m going to have to book an impromptu vacay. I need some sunshine and Vitamin D in my life STAT!

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Steamline Luggage on Sale

by Jessica Sturdy on March 5, 2015

steamline luggage entrepreneur navy white

I’m definitely a sucker for a cute suitcase. (Evidence here.)

Steamline has some of the most fabulous-looking luggage on the market so when I caught wind that they were having a sale, I knew I had to share!

Both the navy/white and red/tan color combinations are on sale! Which one is your favorite?

steamline luggage entrepreneur red brown


Sleeping Secrets

by Jessica Sturdy on March 4, 2015

bows and sequins apartment nyc bedroom

In order to freshen things up for spring, I’ve spruced up my apartment a bit to make it feel brighter and more colorful. (It looks a little different than the last time you saw it, huh?)

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