Window Shopping

by Jessica Sturdy on April 15, 2014

For months my Susan Miller horoscope app has been warning me about the Lunar Eclipse on April 15th. And it’s actually been warning me to be frugal because I will be hit with a lot of unexpected expenses around the eclipse. I majorly procrastinated on my taxes this year and didn’t get everything to my accountant until the 14th, and thus, I found out how much I owe to Uncle Sam this morning. #passthebarfbag Seeing as Seamless doesn’t deliver Dirty Martinis, I had Pinkberry delivered to my office this afternoon to help ease the pain.

I also found out that I got accepted for my new apartment today! (Had to interview with the co-op board yesterday.. Kind of scary!) And while it’s fabulous news that I got the apartment, it just means that I have to fork over even more money this week. What can I say, Susan is usually right.

The Shopbop Friends & Family Sale is always one that I look forward to, but seeing as I had to write some hefty f*cking checks today, I’ll just be window shopping this time around. Retail therapy is usually my method of coping, but I’ll just have to stick to froyo today. And probably definitely some wine tonight.

If you’re looking for ways to blow your refund check, here are some of my favorites…

25% off all full-price and sale items with code INTHEFAMILY14 — Hurry, ends Thursday!


Spingtime Sheer

by Jessica Sturdy on April 15, 2014

Sheer paneling was all over the runways for spring. I mean, who can forget this sweatshirt? I’m pretty sure Instagram crashed after that look made its debut at the Alexander Wang show. As I’ve mentioned before, I love seeing how different fashion trends translate to trends in workout gear.

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Orange & Blue

by Jessica Sturdy on April 14, 2014

I’m no stranger to buying a piece of clothing I love in multiple colorways. It actually happens way more often than it should, but hey — when it’s good, it’s good, ya know? That’s basically what happened with this fun April Marin dress. The cream colored dress just wasn’t enough, I needed a bright version, too! This dress is perfect for any upcoming Kentucky Derby parties and definitely works for showers, weddings, and all of those upcoming festivities, too. I love how it can be dressed both up and down. On the casual side, it’s great for brunch or running errands — just pair with flat sandals and a cute denim jacket or panama hat. Oh, and it’s absolutely perfect for football tailgating this fall! #ILLINI (Or Florida, Syracuse, or Auburn… Or even the Chicago Bears!) Options are endless.

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Slip-On Sneaks

by Jessica Sturdy on April 13, 2014

Instagram from earlier this week… Wearing these boyfriend jeans and these sneakers!

When it comes to slip-on sneakers, I’m absolutely smitten. In fact, I just posted an outfit wearing a pair earlier this week! They are perfect for running errands because they’re both cute and comfortable. I absolutely love them for traveling because they make airport security a breeze. And they add the perfect amount of sporty to any weekend look! Here are a few of my favorites…


WWW: Weekend Web Wandering

by Jessica Sturdy on April 12, 2014

What. A. Week. Am I right? The gorgeous spring weather had me in a great mood all week, but holy hell, this week was a busy one. Lots of crazy and exciting project in the works! For me, this weekend will be spent with equal parts unwinding and trying to catch up. Here are a few things that caught my attention this week…

I’ve never been the girl that’s obsessed with babies. At times, I’ve even felt like something is wrong with me because I typically don’t feel any type of maternal instinct when I’m around kids. (#TMI) Spending time with my 1-year-old niece over the holidays helped a little bit (she is adorable!) and older people always tell me that I “will come around.” Well, Prince George may have just changed my views on babies. If I can have a baby that looks just like him, sign me up. He is just too cute!! Check out these photos here.

Hallie & I always joke about how we are life partners. I mean, we literally do everything together. It’s gotten to the point where people just refer to us as one. I laughed out loud when I saw this article — 34 Signs You Are Actually Dating Your Best Friend. And then I found this article and we’re pretty much guilty on all accounts. Oops. A guy I recently dated was a little put off about how much time Hallie & I spend together. I believe his exact quote was “You two are one small step of sexual attraction away from being actual lesbians.” Needless to say, he’s no longer in the picture.

If you’re in need of some decor inspiration, you’ll want to check this out. 15 Amazing Blogger Home Tours

Some spring weekend outfit inspiration here.

What Successful People Do With the First Hour of Their Workday (Another article about this same topic here.)

I’ve been entranced by Iris Apfel this past week. Obsessed with this video! Her quotes are priceless. More wisdom from her…

Some of my other favorite quotes here.


Skirts, Sweatshirts, & Slip-On Sneakers

by Jessica Sturdy on April 11, 2014

If I could live in any one uniform right now, this would be it. A cropped sweatshirt, a flirty skirt, and a pair of slip-on sneakers. The ultimate weekend look! It’s comfortable and a little bit sporty. It’s laid-back and easy, but feels put together at the same time.

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Coral & Cobalt

by Jessica Sturdy on April 9, 2014

When I was styling accessories to pair with this bright & cheery Vineyard Vines dress, I wanted to push the envelope a little bit. My first choice for shoes was my go-to pair of nude ankle-strap heels from Zara. Remember them from last summer? Wore them over and over and over again. (Proof: one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight)

Don’t get me wrong, I loved the dress paired with a simple nude sandal. (And I would highly recommend that combo for any upcoming weddings this season!) But I just felt like doing something a bit more unexpected… So I went with these cut-out cobalt sandals. I like how the lattice print kind of repeats itself in the dress and in the shoes.

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Salon Selfie

by Jessica Sturdy on April 8, 2014

I’ve got a few things for you today… 1. A little story that illustrates just how crazy I am (#sixhourroadtrips), 2. All the deets on who/where I go to get my hair done in NYC, and 3. A chance to win a vacation! It’s a long one, but just bear with me here… It’s worth it! :)

Joico launched a “Picture Me on Vacation” sweepstakes in honor of their products finally being able to be purchased online! (They are now available at!) The prize? One lucky reader and their hairstylist will each win their dream getaways! I’m no stranger to taking the in-salon or post-salon selfie (#guilty), but if you snap a selfie of you and your stylist, you both can be entered to win a little vacay.

To enter, just take a selfie at the salon with your stylist and upload to Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook with the hashtag #TurnHeads and tag Joico. It’s that easy!

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Anchors Aweigh

by Jessica Sturdy on April 8, 2014

Sometimes you just need to get a little nauti…cal. ;)  No matter the season, I always love a good Americana ensemble, especially when there is a little nod to nautical. Can’t go wrong with Red, White, and Blue!

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Kate Spade Friends & Family

by Jessica Sturdy on April 6, 2014

Just a little reminder that it’s the last day to take advantage of the Kate Spade Friends & Family Sale!

25% off your purchase with promo code S14FFUS

Happy Shopping!