Crisp White, Camel, & Navy

by Jessica Sturdy on October 3, 2014

outfit to wear white jeans in the fall

Crazy Friday over here (more on that tomorrow) so I’ll keep it short and sweet! Wearing one of my favorite color combinations… camel & navy… in an outfit that’s perfect for the summer-to-fall transition. I’m definitely not ready to put away my white jeans anytime soon so pairing them with seasonally appropriate pieces in navy and camel shades feels just right.

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Sneakers & Sweats

by Jessica Sturdy on October 2, 2014

new york city graphic tee

Oh man, you guys. Working for the weekend over here! This week has felt unbelievably long. Hard to believe it’s only Thursday! I’ll be spending this weekend trying to get ahead on work and blog posts before my trip to Paris. Oh, and I should probably start figuring out what I’m going to wear while I’m there and figure out how the hell I’m going to fit all of it in a carry-on suitcase. Wish me luck! (I’ll be sharing exactly what I end up packing… Stay tuned!)

This outfit is typically what I wear when I’m just slumming it on the weekends and running errands around my ‘hood. Comfy pants (How effing amazing is it that sweatpants are a trend right now? Props to whomever started that one.), a graphic tee (not quite as graphic as this one), and a pair of sneakers. Comfy cas’.

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Line I Love: Danielle Nicole

by Jessica Sturdy on October 1, 2014


I got to pay a little visit to the Danielle Nicole showroom a few days ago and I am absolutely smitten! I actually went to their showroom on behalf of work, but since I couldn’t stop thinking about the bags after the meeting, I knew I had to share the brand with you. (I actually picked up the bag above – the Charlotte Shoulder Bag – for my upcoming trip to Paris!)

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Nautical & Navy

by Jessica Sturdy on October 1, 2014

nautical fall outfit

525 America Navy Cropped Sweater | Nicole Miller Maxi Skirt (on sale!) | Capwell + Co Necklace | C.Wonder Sandals (similar here & here) | LV Bag | Chanel Sunglasses (similar under $15!) | Michael Kors Watch | Jawbone Up24 Band (forgot to take it off for photos, oops!) | Capwell + Co Bracelets

This outfit is kind of rocking the mullet mentality… Fall on the top, summer on the bottom. A very nautical mullet, but a mullet none the less. I loved wearing this skirt so much throughout the summer months and I knew I would be able to take it into the fall, too. Whether it’s a basic tee or a cropped sweater, I think I’ve worn this skirt with just about every combination in the book… a gray tee, a white tee, a white sweater, a navy blouse, a burnt orange sweater… you name it. If I didn’t think my friends and coworkers wouldn’t start to question my over-wearing, I would probably try to mix it with dark kelly green, maroon, dark purple, or any other rich jewel tone. Or maybe even another pattern on top. With blue and white, the options are limitless!

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Autumn Weather Workout Gear to Grab

by Jessica Sturdy on September 30, 2014

adidas Boyfriend Tee | adidas Chevron Bra | adidas Cropped Sweatshirt | adidas Tights (also available here!) | adidas Boost Sneakers | adidas No-Show Socks | Foster Grant Aviators | Jawbone Up Band

Back at it with another pair of crazy cool adidas performer tights! (Two of my other favorite pairs here & here!) This time, it’s leopard print. While the thought of leopard print workout pants is a bit daunting, I am in love with these. The monochromatic gray/black pattern makes them totally wearable!

I’ll be talking about this more in the coming days, but I basically won’t be in New York for the month of October. I have so many exciting trips ahead, but it’s definitely bittersweet. October is my absolute favorite month of the year (well maybe tied with August, my birthday month), and it’s especially wonderful in New York. I’m so scared that the fall weather will be gone and the chill will have set in by the time I’m back in November. In an effort to maximize my time spent outdoors this season (and for the rest of the year, really), I’ve been spending almost every second outside.

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Indian Summer

by Jessica Sturdy on September 29, 2014

Sail to Sable Dress c/o | C.Wonder Pumps (old, but love these!) | Kate Spade Watch | Karen Walker Sunglasses | Knot Earrings (similar) | J.Crew Bag | Essie ‘Smokin Hot’ Nail Polish

Definitely not complaining about these summer-like temperatures in late September, but it definitely makes getting dressed a little bit tricky. This dress has been perfect for the Indian Summer we’ve been having! The tweed-like fabric feels so appropriate for fall, but the length and short sleeves make it ideal for the 80 degree temps. If it’s chilly on your AM commute, just toss on a cute cropped trench. (Another cute option here!)

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Gray & Green

by Jessica Sturdy on September 29, 2014

Gap Tee | Alexandra Grecco Skirt | Silver Pumps | Capwell + Co Necklace | Buxom Lip Gloss | Capwell + Co Earrings | Milly Clutch | Capwell + Co Bracelet Set

Looking back at these photos makes me kind of sad that summer is officially over. My summer glow is fading fast, I’m having to start thinking about holiday travel (wtf), and lazy days spent by the pool seem so long ago. There’s so much to look forward to this fall, but it’s always so bittersweet.

However, I kind of figured out a way to work on the whole tan thing. A few days before these photos were taken, I got my (FIRST EVER) spray tan! I have always been so hesitant because I didn’t want to look orange or fake or anything like that, but my friend Kim convinced me. I went to St. Tropez and got a spray tan with their celebrity tanner, Sophie. The entire experience was unbelievable! Especially now that I’m looking back at these pictures a month later, I think I’m going to be hooked! I didn’t have as many pool/beach weekends as I would have liked this summer, but I had a pretty amazing end-of-summer tan. It was perfect for my birthday weekend in Texas and the start of NYFW.

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Weekend Reading

by Jessica Sturdy on September 27, 2014

Happy Saturday! If you’ve got some downtime this weekend, here’s a list of some of my favorite links from the last week. Enjoy!

  • I had a bit of a fan-girl freak-out moment when I saw Olivia Palermo wearing a Capwell + Co necklace during London Fashion Week. (For those that don’t know, my day-job is at Capwell + Co and Olivia Palermo is, by far, my #1 style crush. Worlds colliding in the best way possible!)
  • I’m constantly getting men’s style questions, but haven’t gotten a chance to write a post for the boys. However, my friend Lauren just posted a fall style guide for men. Check it out and send it to the men in your life that need a little guidance!
  • 28 Telltale Signs You’ve Officially Become a New Yorker. This is spot on… Every. Single. One. A very funny must-read if you live in NY!
  • Love, love, LOVING this sweater. Every color, please.
  • If you’re in the NYC area, be sure to sign up to come to a private shopping event with me!
  • One glass of red wine is the equivalent of going to the gym? I mean, I’m not going to stop working out, but I definitely feel a little less guilty about all of the wine I drink. ;) (Speaking of wine.. I took home a bottle of Seven Daughters Pinot Noir from Lauren’s wine tasting a few weeks ago and cracked it open earlier this week. So good and such a great price point, too!)
  • With my upcoming trip to Europe (a lot more on that to come!), I’m bookmarking this post from my friend Hitha! Sleeping on a plane is something I’ve yet to master. Here’s to hoping!
  • Missing Julia so much now that she’s out of the city! Loved her pro/con list about moving to the ‘burbs. I’ve always preached that I’m never moving to the burbs, but this post does make it sound rather lovely.
  • I’m in the market for a new pair of nude pumps and I think these will be the ones I order. The heel is shorter than I normally go for, but I guess that just means they’ll be more comfortable for all-day wearing!
  • Hallie posted her last NYFW recap. Laugh out loud funny, as usual.
  • If you’re anything like me, every bit of self control goes out the window after you’ve had a few drinks. #ALLOFTHEPIZZA — I was laughing and nodding my head in agreement to every single one of these! (And somehow related to each and every one of them, too. Oops.) 9 Drunk Eating Habits and What They Say About You — In other news, I actually had to delete my Seamless iPhone app this week due to late-night ordering. It was just too easy!

Hope you have an amazing weekend! And not too much late-night pizza.. ;)



Feminine Flair

by Jessica Sturdy on September 25, 2014

You may remember that I teamed up with Nordstrom Rack earlier this fall for a new store opening in Brooklyn. (If you need to jog your memory, you can check it out here!) Well it turns out that Nordstrom Rack is opening another store in Brooklyn in a few weeks and I get to join in on the fun once again! Typically, these private shopping events aren’t open to the public, but 25 of you will be able to come and shop early! And one person will get a styling session with me! Fun, right? More details are below.

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Missing Montauk

by Jessica Sturdy on September 22, 2014

Before fall is officially upon us, I figured I’d share a few tidbits from this past summer. A few of us girls headed to Montauk in August and it was the perfect little getaway! It felt far too short (I could have stayed for weeks, but ya know, that whole job thing.), but a few days is better than none, right? It truly was one of the best weekends of the summer!

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