Snowed In / Locked Out

by Jessica Sturdy on January 27, 2015

cute outfit for ski trip snow boots

Snowed in today? Me too! Perfect excuse to share a few photos from the snowy scene that was Big Sky, Montana this past weekend. A funny story, too!

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Off to the Mountains

by Jessica Sturdy on January 26, 2015

bric's suitcase louis vuitton

Happy Monday! I flew to Montana on Thursday night to spend a three-day weekend with my college pals and it was such a fun weekend! Well worth the four flights in total. We rented the cutest ski-in-ski-out cabin in Big Sky for the weekend and the views were absolutely magical.

We skied at Big Sky, snowmobiled through Yellowstone National Park, spent countless hours in the hot tub, and drank a whole lot of wine while catching up. It was the perfect mix of activities and relaxing! I’ll be posting more this week about our adventures and a few of my outfits. Stay tuned!

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Skis & Slopes

by Jessica Sturdy on January 23, 2015


Jacket  |  Hat  |  Bag  |  Gloves  |  Sunglasses  |  Wrap  |  Boots

With Sundance Film Festival starting today and my upcoming weekend of slopes and snow, I’ve got aprés ski on the mind! I’m currently headed to Montana for a weekend ski trip with my best friends from college. Fourteen of us rented a cabin for a long weekend and I couldn’t be more excited for a little mountain getaway! We’ll be skiing at Big Sky on Friday and snowmobiling through Yellowstone on Saturday before heading back on Sunday afternoon. It’s a quick trip, especially flying all the way from the East Coast, but it will be worth it!

Be sure to follow along on Instagram. I’ll see you back here on Monday! xo


Hello Hydration

by Jessica Sturdy on January 22, 2015

bare minerals complexion rescue

Please tell me I’m not alone when I say that my skin has been SO dry lately! This weather is doing a number on my face, lips, and hands, specifically. Thanks to a few trusty products, I think I’ve gotten my facial dryness under control. But if you have any recommendations on fabulous hand creams, I’m all ears! (Leave a comment below or shoot me an email!)

I had the opportunity to swing by the Bare Minerals Shade Shop in Soho last week to get a preview of their newest foundation product — Complexion Rescue. Boy, am I glad I braved the cold weather to go!

I’ve been using Complexion Rescue for almost a week now and I’m seriously IN LOVE! It’s pretty rare that I dedicate an entire blog post to one single beauty product, but this stuff is that good, you guys.

If I had to classify it, my skin tends to be very “combination.” Sometimes it can be oily, sometimes it’s really dry. (I think it depends on the products I’m using!) Certain areas are prone to breakouts and I have to be careful about sweaty workouts — washing my face before and after really helps. Over the years, I’ve learned that my skin is less oily when it’s sufficiently moisturized. Seems like a bit of an oxymoron, but it’s true! I slather on the moisturizer in both the AM and PM and also use a hydrating serum at night.

The same thing has proved to be true with this product! I don’t really know if I should call it a BB Cream, a CC Cream, a Tinted Moisturizer, a lightweight Foundation, or what. It’s a little bit of everything! Whatever it is, though, has been absolutely amazing on my skin. The gel-like formula is so light, but so hydrating at the same time. (But it’s never once made me look or feel greasy!) It looks and feels so unbelievably natural. It goes on pretty sheer, but the coverage is build-able. I can’t say enough good things! (FYI: I have the “Natural” shade.)

At the event, the Bare Minerals product development team actually demonstrated this experiment. I was absolutely blown away! Speechless! If you’ve got two minute to spare, I highly recommend watching. The video is just a great as the in-person demo.

As for the questions that your facialist or dermatologist would ask… Yes, it’s non-comedogenic, hypoallergenic, and has a (non-chemical) SPF 30. No silicone, no oil, no parabens, no fragrance.

You can find Complexion Rescue at NordstromUlta, Sephora, and at! Don’t forget the Smoothing Face Brush that goes with it… It’s fab!

Note: This is not a sponsored post. I’ve simply loved my experience and wanted to share! I did receive a free sample of Complexion Rescue, as well as a Smoothing Face Brush, but you better believe that this is a product I’ll be restocking as soon as it runs out!


Crop Top

by Jessica Sturdy on January 20, 2015

what to wear with a crop top

When I think of a midriff bearing crop-top, my mind instantly goes to a sunshine-filled scene in the midst of summer. Not the case with this one, however. I saw this turtleneck crop-top and couldn’t wait to style it with a winter look! If you hadn’t noticed already, I am obsessed with turtlenecks. I wear them pretty much daily, truly. If it’s not a turtleneck sweater, I’m almost always wearing a J.Crew tissue-thin turtleneck underneath my button-front shirt or crewneck sweater. I love a good turtleneck! Plus, a girl’s gotta stay warm somehow.

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What to Wear When You’d Rather Hibernate

by Jessica Sturdy on January 15, 2015

black faux fur hat camel wool coat

One part Russian-chic, one part it-was-too-friggen-cold-to-even-see-straight-this-past-weekend. A faux furry hat was necessary!

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Striped Shift

by Jessica Sturdy on January 14, 2015

black wide hat

A black and white striped shift dress is a year-round closet staple. Wear it with a pair of flat ankle booties for a weekend stroll, pair it with a structured blazer for a business meeting, or put on your favorite pair of sandals and hit the beach. This dress does it all!

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Winter White

by Jessica Sturdy on January 12, 2015

what to wear in the winter in new york city

Happy Monday! How was the weekend? It was a low-key one for me. Brunch with girlfriends on both Saturday and Sunday, my favorite Saturday morning SoulCycle class, hot yoga on Sunday afternoon, and finally getting around to taking down my Christmas decorations.

As of late, I’ve been gravitating towards very clean and classic combinations of black and white when I’m getting dressed in the morning. I’m assuming it’s because of the recent new year, but who really knows. It could just be the dreary weather! January 1st brought out a somewhat-new craving in me — simplicity. I’ve been trying to embrace the idea of a “clean slate” in a lot of different aspects of my life. And I’ve been loving it, actually! There have been a plethora of lifestyle changes that I’ve been trying to keep up with over the past few weeks… cooking more, drinking more tea and way less coffee, handling stressful situations with a bit more ease and tranquility, putting in the time to organizing a lot of different parts of my life… it’s been beyond refreshing!

Here’s to a great week! xo

(PS: A few blogger friends and I are giving away an $850 gift card to J.Crew on Instagram! You don’t want to miss it!)

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Full Floral

by Jessica Sturdy on January 8, 2015

dark floral skirt navy pumps glitter

Well, as I’m writing this post and the thermometer reads 10 degrees (feels like -4*), I think it’s pretty obvious that these photos were taken pre-arctic blast! Bare legs are a thing of the past.

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First Real Snow

by Jessica Sturdy on January 7, 2015

how to wear a beanie

We had our first real snow in NYC yesterday! I don’t know what it is, but snow in New York is kind of magical when it’s really coming down. It’s almost like being in a real-life snow globe! … But then five minutes later you realize you are FUH-REEZING, you’ve already taken your #SnowyNYC instagram, you can’t open your eyes because snow is pelting you in the face, and you still have 9 more blocks to walk. Those first few minutes though… They really are magical. You’ve got to savor them!

PS: There are plenty of pictures of me making a fool of myself on Lexington Avenue during the morning commute. And almost getting hit by two different taxis… So keep reading! 😉

jumping in the snow picture nyc

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