Spring Fling

by Jessica Sturdy on March 12, 2014

The abundance of sunshine on Saturday, the extra hour of daylight on Sunday, the 60 degree day yesterday, and leaving work this week when it’s still light out have all confirmed one thing… I may or may not have a slight case of Seasonal Affective Disorder. Let’s just say that this spring-like weather is truly like a breath of fresh air!

I’ve been trying to incorporate little bits of spring and pops of color to get me by until the warmer weather is here to stay. From bright blooms to punchy polishes, every little touch helps to fight away these winter blues!

Capwell + Co Necklaces | OPI Nail Polishes | ASOS Aviators | Matt Bernson x Stripes & Sequins Glitter Flats (also love this polka dot pair!)

PS – If you’re out shopping on Saturday (it’s supposed to be gorgeous!), be sure to swing by DKNY on Madison Avenue! I’ll be there from 2-4 styling some spring-y outfits, shopping, and sipping on champagne. :)

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by Jessica Sturdy on March 10, 2014

While it wasn’t quite bare legs weather in New York this past weekend, I can’t complain about the abundance of sunshine! I wore this dress & denim jacket combo a few weeks ago when Mother Nature gave us a little preview of spring. When I was getting ready, I couldn’t decide between these leopard pumps or a pop-of-color (most likely in the form of my pink J.Crew pumps). I like the look of the leopard with the black, white, and denim, but I feel like the hot pink pumps would have popped more for photos in front of this mural.

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Classic Combo

by Jessica Sturdy on March 7, 2014

Taking it back a few weeks, but I wore this outfit during NYFW for a brunch with Design Darling. (You can see Hallie’s recap post here & Mackenzie’s recap here!) It was the cutest brunch atop the Gramercy Park Hotel with a group of fabulous ladies. A much-needed few hours of relaxation during the NYFW craziness. :)

PS: The winners for the Rivet & Sway giveaway were announced here!

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Bundled & Buttoned

by Jessica Sturdy on March 5, 2014

How many more days of these bundled-up, layered looks?! I seriously can’t take it much longer. I’m scared I’m just going to take a cab to the airport instead of my office one of these mornings. Where are you spring?!

It’s the last day to enter to win a pair of Rivet & Sway glasses, by the way! Enter here. :)

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by Jessica Sturdy on March 4, 2014

When I wear hats, it’s usually for one of a couple of reasons…

1. I’ve gone a few too many days without washing my hair. (#sexy)

2. I just left the gym or Soul Cycle and would prefer to not talk to anyone I know while looking like a sweaty mess. (How does this always happen in New York? I thought this was supposed to be a big city. It’s inevitable that you will run into everyone you know when you look your worst.)

3. My roots are halfway down to my ears and I can’t get in to my colorist for a few more days.

So, basically, hats are my way of covering up hair havoc. I believe this particular occasion was a case of Scenario #3.

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Signs of Spring

by Jessica Sturdy on March 3, 2014

I feel a tad bit silly posting about ‘Signs of Spring’ when most of us are getting pummeled with snow right about now, but last weekend, it really did feel like spring! It was warm enough to don bare legs during the day and I couldn’t have been happier. If the temperature is above zero, you can almost always find me drinking an iced coffee, but I finally didn’t feel like a freak asking for a cold beverage. Now, if only I could get a tan…

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Pretty in Pink

by Jessica Sturdy on March 1, 2014

Happy March! I’m counting down the days until it actually feels like spring… It’s got to be soon, right?! If you’re in New York, you have to go to Houston & Bowery and check out the most recent mural when the weather is nice! It’s so bright, colorful, and all-around awesome. Something to brighten these winter blues, that’s for sure! I seriously can’t believe it’s supposed to snow again tomorrow. #MakeItStop

PS: Don’t forget to enter to win 2 pairs of fun River & Sway glasses here!

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Pajama Pants

by Jessica Sturdy on February 28, 2014

Happy Friday! Back at it with the pajama jeans. I seriously cannot get enough of these pants. I’ve been wearing them constantly… That could partially because I’ve been gorging myself and have barely had time to workout and my waistline is rapidly expanding, but I digress.

For a more a more dressed-down PJean look this weekend, check out this post.

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Braided Bedhead

by Jessica Sturdy on February 27, 2014

When Fashion Week is the topic of conversation, we’re usually chatting about the clothes coming down the runway, the street style, the after-parties, the lack of sleep, the chaotic affairs of our apartments, etc. But have we talked about how freaking hard it is to pull yourself out of bed after 4 hours and make yourself look photo-ready, just in case Bill Cunningham is outside of Lincoln Center waiting to snap your photo? #agirlcandream (Actually, he did snap a photo of Hallie and I in September, but obviously that never surfaced anywhere…)

By day 3, getting up and getting ready is already challenging for me. It kind of starts to feel like Groundhog Day… Get up, get ready, get dressed, get a cab to Lincoln Center. And since I’m prone to oversleeping during Fashion Week, I’ve learned to get ready in a pinch.

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Cherry Red

by Jessica Sturdy on February 26, 2014

It’s been a bit quiet over here in 2014, huh? I feel guilty that I haven’t been posting as much as I used to, but life has been getting in the way. I’ve been having a really hard time with the whole work-life-blog balance thing lately. It’s never been easy to juggle, but lately I’m feeling the pressure more than usual. Maybe it’s because I’ve been in like 8 states the past month and a half. Or maybe it’s because I’m trying to make time to actually go on dates and hang out with my friends outside of blogger events. Or maybe I just really need some sunshine and R&R in my life. Who knows. All I know is that I’m currently counting down the seconds until the weekend! Happy Hump Day!

Don’t forget: You can win a pair of glasses from Rivet & Sway here!

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