by Jessica Sturdy on May 14, 2014

I’m having a really hard time believing May is about halfway over. Memorial Day is in just a few short weeks… How is that even possible?! I started a ‘Summer Bucket List’ post back in, oh, I don’t know, February, and I can’t believe those days are almost here. (That reminds me, I need to finish that post pronto. Stay tuned.) I mean, thank goodness summer is right around the corner… Do you see how pasty I am? Yikes. Pass me the Vitamin D.

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by Jessica Sturdy on May 13, 2014

I finally moved into my new apartment yesterday! Well, I guess I should say I halfway moved in. It was one of those days where everything that can go wrong does go wrong and long story short, I have a new set of hands scheduled to help me move the last few bags and boxes (that the moving company wouldn’t take) later tonight. Yesterday was definitely one of those days where I wanted to give New York the middle finger. (Who am I kidding? There were definitely some many profanities used. #DrunkenSailor) However, writing this post from new place and the idea of settling in and making it my home definitely help ease the PTSD from yesterday. Now if you’ll excuse me, please, I have a shitload of unpacking to do… (The picture below was taken right before the 1,000,000 bags and boxes arrived.)

One last thing.. Are you interested in seeing some decor and interiors posts in these parts?! Let me know if you want me to share all of my bachelorette pad decorating adventures with you on the blog. (PS — Click here to see my last post of decor ideas for the new place!)

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All Black Everything

by Jessica Sturdy on May 13, 2014

I’m sure this isn’t news to you, but New Yorkers wear a lot of black. Maybe it’s because we never sleep and it’s the easiest uniform to throw on in the hasty morning haze, or maybe it’s because a monochromatic ensemble tends to be slimming and we’ve had a few too many bagels, or maybe it’s something else entirely. I really have no idea why New Yorkers wear a lot of black, but I do know that I’ve found myself in an all-black-everything outfit on quite a few occasions since I moved here.

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Flirty Florals

by Jessica Sturdy on May 9, 2014

As we finally settle into spring, I can’t stop reaching for floral. I’ve been absolutely obsessed with this floral skirt. After this outfit, I knew I wasn’t done mixing stripes with florals. To me, it’s one of the easiest ways to mix prints! When I was styling this outfit, it was all about the color. There are so many colors in the floral pattern of this skirt and I tried to play up as many as I could with my accessories — mint-colored glasses, a sparkly blue floral bib necklace, and bright cobalt cutout sandals. It’s a lot, but somehow it still works!

My floral fixation isn’t stopping at my clothing choices though. I keep reaching for the sweetest scents to spritz on as I rush out the door in the morning. Marc Jacobs Daisy has always been one of my favorite scents! I remember when the fragrance first launched, I was pretty much sold on the name alone. Growing up, my favorite flower was always the daisy. Each and every wrist corsage for homecoming and prom dances had to incorporate daisies, and I even named my child little puppy Daisy. But once I smelled the flirty fragrance, the deal was sealed. It’s sweet and floraly, but has a little hint of musk that I love.

Daisy Eau So Fresh is even more fun! It has more fruity notes added to the floral mix. I think it’s the perfect summer scent because it smells so playful. Plus, the bottles look so cute sitting on my vanity! (Is it just me or does the bottle definitely play a factor when purchasing a fragrance?)

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Dressed Up & Down: Cropped Pants

by Jessica Sturdy on May 7, 2014

It’s starting to be that time of year again… The temps are getting warmer, the days are getting longer, and the hemlines are getting shorter. Dresses, crop tops, skirts, and denim are all inching just a tad bit higher and exposing a little bit more skin.

Last summer, I was all about wearing white denim in the work place. While you might think that cropped white denim should be reserved for the weekends, it’s just as easy to dress up your cropped jeans as it is to dress them down.

For a more casual weekend look, I used a few of my favorite tricks while I was getting ready … Mixing prints and wearing white on white. I paired my white cropped jeans with a white and blue striped tee and a camo jacket, finished off by a pair of nude sandals.

To take the vibe just a bit more dressy, I paired my cropped white jeans with a polka dot chiffon top (love the slight flowy peplum fit) and a linen motorcycle jacket. And when I’m trying to take my look to the next level, red lipstick and a pair of sky-high pumps are pretty much always a good idea. On a side note, this linen moto jacket is so perfect for the summer season ahead. I’m always one for layering and this super lightweight material is going to make spring and summer dressing an absolute breeze. #punintended

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Confessions of a Shopaholic

by Jessica Sturdy on May 7, 2014

As you may have seen on Instagram last week, I got to preview the new Nordstrom Rack in Brooklyn the night before it opened to the public and the amazing designer deals definitely did not disappoint. I took home wayyy too many things, but I just couldn’t pass them up. (Just wait until you see the Vince coat that I got for 85% off. You’ll die.)

All of the savings and great deals found make you feel like the smartest shopper around, which is exactly why Nordstrom Rack launched a new campaign called “Confessions of a Shopping Genius.” And just for sharing your shopping confession, you’ll be entered to win a Marc By Marc Jacobs wristlet and a $100 Nordstrom Rack gift card! Here’s what you need to do…

1. Follow @nordstromrack & @bowsandsequins on Instagram.
2. Comment on my latest picture on Instagram (this photo) with your shopping confession. For example, mine is “I get distracted by shiny things.” Get creative! I will select the best confession to win on Friday afternoon. :)
3. Tag #shopgenius in the comment with your shopping confession

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Scuba Skirt

by Jessica Sturdy on May 2, 2014

We all know how much I loved my floral skirts last spring and it looks like I’m back at it with this one. With all of the different colors in this floral pattern, there are hundreds of ways you could wear the skirt. Floral skirts are just so versatile! (And I’m well on my way to seeing just how many times I can wear this one!) Plus, it’s made from one of my current favorite materials — scuba. I’m all about the scuba skirts lately (Remember this one?) and it’s definitely due to the fact they are insanely comfortable. Here, I continued with the comfort and just threw on a striped tee over the floral skirt and added a statement necklace. To mix it up a bit and make the outfit a little less casual, I went with my gray suede pointed-toe pumps!

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Let’s Get Lost

by Jessica Sturdy on April 30, 2014

2014 seems to be the year of transit for me. I’ve been traveling a ton the past few months and have so many (too many) upcoming trips on the calendar. I’ve been in LA for work, went to Portland with adidas, was in DC for work, went to Vegas with my college friends, and have taken multiple trips to Rhode Island for work. And on the horizon… a wedding in Illinois in May, more trips to Rhode Island, hopefully a trip to Chicago in June, a wedding in Chicago in August, all of those last-minute weekend getaways that are sure to pop-up over the summer, another trip to Portland in July, a week-long trip to Paris and Oslo (more on that to come!) in October, and a wedding in Mexico in November. If you’re thinking “Sh*t, her vacation days must be maxed the f*ck out,” you would be correct.

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Rain or Shine

by Jessica Sturdy on April 29, 2014

I don’t know about you guys, but the slightly warmer spring temperatures have me in full-on fitness mode! It’s (usually) still light out when I leave the office, it’s nice enough to just wear a light jacket instead of a heavy fleece, and bikini season is just around the corner. All of these factors have me itching to get my sweat on each and every day. And if I’m really good, sometimes twice a day.

The only thing that can put a damper on your spring workouts are those pesky rain showers. The saying may indicate that these showers should let up after April, but we all know how Mother Nature likes to linger. (I mean, I’m pretty sure winter lasted like 8 months this year. Maybe I’m slightly exaggerating, but it sure as heck felt that long.)

Since tank tops, short shorts, and swimsuits will soon be our weekend wardrobe staples, there’s no time to skip a workout because of the weather. Luckily, three of my favorite workouts are indoor so I don’t really have an excuse.

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Black & White

by Jessica Sturdy on April 28, 2014

Happy Monday! I’m approaching today and this week with a fresh outlook. I’m simply not allowing myself to look back and dwell on the crazy things that happened this weekend. Not to throw all of my negative bullsh*t your way, but this weekend was absolutely a weekend from hell. It truly seemed that everything that could go wrong, did go wrong. (I mean, I may or may not have gotten locked out of my apartment at 1am in my pajamas –not even wearing a bra– without my keys or cell phone. And my only set of spare keys was at Hallie‘s apartment and she was in Ohio. And I didn’t have a phone to call a locksmith. Yeah, that happened. But I finally got back in and it “only” cost a cool $440. #KillMe) I wish I could say the bad luck stopped there, but I would be lying to you. However, I’m not going to let it get me down for another day. Starting this week off with good vibes only! :)

On the topic of a fresh slate, I’m loving all white everything lately. I can’t stop wearing my white jeans and I keep gravitating towards white tops to pair them with. Carly actually wrote a post yesterday about how she thinks her white cravings are coming from the sense of clutter in her life and I couldn’t agree more. When everything feels messy, I just want something to feel nice and neat!

I started with my white jeans and added this black & white striped tee that’s been on repeat lately. From there, I put on all black layers and accessories — this vest (See? Told you I’d be wearing it on the reg.), a pair of black sandals, my beloved Tom Ford sunglasses, and my favorite black bag.

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