NYFW Day 1: Jay Godfrey

by Jessica Sturdy on September 10, 2014

Jay Godfrey Dress c/o (love this romper version!) | JustFab Heels | Milly Clutch | Capwell + Co Stackable Bracelets | Capwell + Co Cluster Cuff | Capwell + Co Ring | Chloe & Isabel Midi Ring | Tom Ford Sunglasses

New York Fashion Week, Day One, Part 2: 9/4/14

After attending the BCBG show in the morning, I slipped into a Jay Godfrey dress for his presentation that afternoon. I got to go backstage before the presentation and meet Jay, his wife, and their adorable daughter. It was surprisingly calm back there, as the models were about to go get on stage for the presentation. However, we did capture a fun little moment — models taking selfies backstage. (Check out Hallie’s recap for photo evidence!) No judgement, though. I’m sure if I looked like that I would snap selfies on the reg, too. ;)

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Sweaters & Skirts

by Jessica Sturdy on September 9, 2014

BCBG Sweater c/o Zappos | BCBG Skirt c/o Zappos | JustFab Heels | Capwell + Co Necklace (part of the Holiday Collection.. launches in November!) | Milly Clutch | Capwell + Co Ring | Tom Ford Sunglasses

New York Fashion Week, Day One: 9/4/14

For the first official day of NYFW, I wore a BCBG skirt and sweater from Zappos! I’m all about the boxy cropped tops (not to be confused with a crop top.. no midriff baring here!) and higher-waisted pants and skirts right now. I love the play on proportion!

I’m not one of those people that tries to dress in my most outlandish clothing during fashion week. I actually think it’s kind of silly when people do wear things just for the sake of getting photographed. Personally, I could really care less if I get snapped by a street style photographer. Would it be cool? Of course, but it’s not what I’m thinking about when I pick out an outfit. I try to dress just as I would any other time of the year… fashion-forward, but practical at the same time. When you’re going from the early AM to the late hours of the night, it’s so much easier with realistic clothing choices.

I took over the Zappos Instagram for the BCBG show in the morning, worked from a cafe for a few hours, and then made an outfit change for the Jay Godfrey presentation in the afternoon. I’ll be posting that look tomorrow so check back then!

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Bright White

by Jessica Sturdy on September 8, 2014

This season of New York Fashion Week has been an absolute whirlwind! This week on the blog I’ll be sharing all of the outfits I wore, as well as the shows I got to attend and some of the crazy stories that go along with them. So stay tuned for all of that!

After three jam-packed days of running around, I admittedly took a little breather yesterday to rest up for the last few days. As fun as Fashion Week is, it truly feels like a marathon. (Or at least what I imagine that feels like!) I am so, so tired, but stopping isn’t really an option. I’ve been running on a whole lot of iced coffee and shots of espresso from my Nespresso machine. And rosé. Lots and lots of all of those things.

And as a result, I’ve added an extra step to my beauty routine this past week. Crest 3D White Whitestrips. Game Changer, you guys. I’ve been using them for 30 minutes in the morning as I get ready and I’ve seen a noticeable difference. I’ve been rocking a red lip a lot this past week and I feel like a bright, white smile is an essential first step for pulling off the look.

Whitestrips / Stila Lipstick / YSL Lipstick (I layer this over the Stila once it dries!)

I’ve teamed up with Crest 3D White Whitestrips today for an Instagram takeover. I’ll be sharing #MyRedCarpet moments from New York Fashion Week Day 5 on the @3DWhite Instagram account so be sure to follow along!

Thank you to Crest 3D White for sponsoring this post!


Thirty Things

by Jessica Sturdy on September 3, 2014

I was browsing the newest arrivals from Kate Spade (like one does) and fell in love with just about everything. Since I can’t purchase all of these thirty things, I figured I’d share them with you instead! Get your wish list ready…

1. This bow bag is just too cute. Plus, its 30% off!

2. These shoes might just be my favorite thing on this list.

3. Perfection in a sweater. Must have!

4. I got this for my birthday and it’s awesome!

5. This dress would be so perfect for the upcoming (!!) holiday season. And it’s 50% off!

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Slouchy Sequins

by Jessica Sturdy on September 3, 2014

J.Crew Sequin Tee (on sale!) | Joie Pants | C.Wonder Sandals | Chanel Bow Sunglasses (similar under $15!) | Michael Kors Watch | Capwell + Co Tassel Bracelets (on sale!) | Stila ‘Beso’ Lipstick | LV Bag | Margaret Elizabeth Bracelet (25% off entire site with code bows)

Some days, comfort is key. This look is kind of disguised as a cute outfit.. Sequin tee, silk pants, my go-to summer sandals. But in reality, it felt like I was wearing pajamas all day long. (You can find my love letter to these pants here.) And my all-time favorite trick to looking put together when you feel anything but… A bold lip. Works every time!

PS: I (of course) bought this sequin tee when it was full price (#idiot), but now all three colors are on sale!

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A Birthday Wishlist

by Jessica Sturdy on September 2, 2014

In honor of my 25th birthday, I put together a fun little birthday wish list complete with 25 things I’m currently coveting. :)

1. This bag needs to happen this year. So perfect to keep my hands free while running around the city!

2. This gingham dress would be a summertime staple for many years to come!

3. This bib necklace is insane! Love the colors.

4. I love this bag so so much. A girl can dream!

5. And while on the topic of dreaming, I want this suitcase and this duffel.

6. Back to reality. I need to buy a new couch soon. Loving this one!

7. This monogrammed tote is a wardrobe staple!

8. I plan on wearing this nail color all season long this fall.

9. I tried this on and it’s the perfect silk blouse. I want it in every color!

10. How fun are these cowhide sneakers?!

11. So, so so in love with these pumps.

12. Obsessed with these sneakers!

13. And these slip-on sneakers, too!

14. I desperately need this to help extend my summer tan.

15. This print is definitely making it’s way into my gallery wall!

16. I’ve become obsessed with Triangl swimsuits. I want to add this one to my collection next!

17. Dying to get my hands on this eye cream. Have you tried it?

18. In love with this printed vest. So perfect for the fall and winter!

19. These sandals are perfect for at least 5 months out of the year!

20. Typically not a silver jewelry wearer, but I love these gorgeous studs.

21. Can’t get enough of this sweater!

22. This sweatshirt is adorable.

23. Obsessed with this top and this dress at Vineyard Vines!

24. I have this skirt in black, but I want to add the other colors to my closet. It’s perfect!

25. And last but not least, I’m lusting over this sweater. If you saw my Instagram over the weekend, you’ll know why. ;)


Balloon Bloopers

by Jessica Sturdy on September 2, 2014

Ready for a laugh? These outtakes were just too funny not to share! For the pretty pictures, click here.

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Two Five

by Jessica Sturdy on September 1, 2014

I turned 25 yesterday and got to spend the long weekend celebrating with some of my closest friends. (More on that to come!) Before I left town, I met up with Lydia for a fun little birthday shoot. I’ll take any excuse that I can get to buy balloons!

It’s funny how 25 just seems older. I’m officially in my mid-twenties. I’m five years from 30. A lot of my friends are getting married or planning their weddings, buying houses, thinking about having children, moving to the suburbs, etc. And here I am, buying big gold balloons to celebrate my birthday and drinking the Hamptons out of rosé(Sounds kind of like one of my favorite blogs!) I’m having the time of my life, though, and in my opinion, that’s what your twenties are for. I feel like I’m exactly where I’m supposed to be. I’m learning a little bit more about myself every day and I believe that when the timing is right, the rest will fall together. So cheers to another year of living it up in New York City!

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Back to School

by Jessica Sturdy on August 28, 2014

If you’re anything like me, ‘back-to-school’ season is one of your absolute favorites! While I haven’t actually been heading back to school in a number of years now (#GettingOld), the fall still embodies a bit of a fresh start. I’m not as ready for the fall as I normally am this year (more on that here), but I’ve been trying to put my summertime sadness at bay and get into the spirit of a fun new season. And how am I doing that? Shopping, of course. Shopping makes everything a little bit better! ;)

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Snoozing Summer

by Jessica Sturdy on August 28, 2014

As we start to round out the summer and one of my favorite months of the year (#BirthdayMonth), I’m getting so unbelievably nostalgic for the summer season. I don’t know what’s gotten into me this year. Typically, I start the fall countdown sometime in… oh, I don’t know, February? Football, pumpkin picking, fall fashion, chunky sweaters, leather, dark nail polish, pumpkin anything & everything, fall foliage… The list could go on and on and on and on. Most of the time, these are all of my favorite things and I can’t wait to dive face first into a pumpkin pie the season. But something is off this year. As much as I love fall, I really wouldn’t mind if it never came. This summer has been one of the busiest, but also one of the best. It’s just flown by far too quickly though. It feels like just yesterday I was writing my summer bucket list and now I’m gearing up for Labor Day and NYFW. I feel as if I’m holding a handful of sand and the harder I try to hold on to it, the faster it goes away. You know what I mean? It’s almost like snoozing the alarm clock in the morning… Give me just a few more minutes, summer! Pretty please! Just 5 more…

Like the dweller that I am, I’ve rounded up a few of my favorite outfits that I was wearing last August. As I mentioned yesterday, I know the blog has been a bit quiet over the past few weeks so let’s just take a little trip down memory lane, shall we?

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