Early Access

Go ahead and put a meeting on your calendar this morning. We’ve got a lot of things to discuss and you’re going to need some time to yourself after we’re done…

The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is here, you guys!! Well, almost… “Early Access” starts today (7/9) and the sale opens up to everyone on July 17th. But let’s back up, shall we?

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Red, White, & Blue

While there have definitely been a few times I’ve longed for New York over the last week, I’m kind of surprised by how happy I’ve been in Chicago so far. It’s only been one week and it still feels like I’m on a trip in a lot of weird ways, but I’ve been enjoying it none the less. I’ve always known that Chicago is a friendly city, but I think I forgot just how friendly. After living in NYC for three years, the vibe is unbelievably different in Chicago. I’ve had more conversations with strangers in the last week than my entire time in New York — I’m not exaggerating! I’ve been exchanging numbers with friends of friends and making plans to hang out again. I’ve met people living in my building, I’ve been saying Please & Thank You more, and I’ve even been smiling at strangers on the street. And it feels good to be so friendly! I guess the saying is proving to be true.. Happiness is contagious!

Spending Fourth of July weekend in Chicago was so much fun. Great friends both old and new, late nights, sunshine, brunches, cookouts, paddle boarding, boats, fireworks, you name it… We did it all this weekend! No matter the occasion, I was rocking the red, white, and blue.

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Beauty Talk: Spa-Like Showers

When I was a kid, I remember my mom talking about peace and quiet pretty often. (I mean, I have two younger brothers.. Can you blame her?) I never really understood why someone would want some quiet time to him or herself, but as I’ve grown up (and especially with all of the craziness that living in New York City has brought over the last three years), I now find myself craving that same relaxation pretty often!

The master bathroom at my parents’ house has a jacuzzi tub and my mom’s favorite way to decompress was always taking a bath at night before bed. I remember always wanting to take baths in my parents’ bathroom to try and be like my mom, but I would always refuse to take them in my own bathroom that had the standard shower/tub without jets. I’m still a huge fan of reading in the bathtub to relax, but it always seems like such an ordeal to take a bath and I often feel as if I don’t have time to enjoy one. Thus, creating a spa-like experience in the shower is a must for me!

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