Girls Night Out

by Jessica Sturdy on February 20, 2015

winter going out outfit

Three of my college besties are coming in town this weekend and I’m so excited to catch up and have a girls weekend! Much, much needed.

Getting dressed to go out in this frigid cold is always a challenge… You want to look cute, but you don’t want to freeze your butt off. (And just so we’re all on the same page — you definitely don’t want to be that girl that’s not wearing tights or a coat!)

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Below Zero

by Jessica Sturdy on February 18, 2015

leopard coat, LBD black dress

Oh man, you guys. Shooting outfit photos has been a real b*tch lately. The struggle has been so real.

It was -10 degrees when we were snapping these pictures… A really great way to start the morning! Kind of like taking an ice bath, I would assume. Taking photos in windy conditions is my biggest pet peeve… My dresses, skirts, and tops blow around in the most unflattering of ways and my hair never cooperates. This icy -10 degree wind, though, was the most brutal I’ve ever felt and had me feeling like I was back in Chicago.. But maybe even worse!

It was one of those days where we got a whole heck of a lot more outtakes than useable photos.

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Boyfriend Jeans: Work & Weekend

by Jessica Sturdy on February 17, 2015

boyfriend jeans, striped loafers

Incorporating a bit of menswear flair into your wardrobe while maintaining your feminine style can be tricky, but it’s not impossible.

Boyfriend jeans are insanely comfortable and so easy to wear, but it’s essential to find your most flattering fit! While I do have a few pairs of very loose, tattered boyfriend jeans, they are reserved for the least stylish of occasions. (Moving day, for example.) When I want to sport a fashion-forward pair of boyfriend jeans for everyday wear, I like to wear a slimmer style to keep a polished appearance.

boyfriend jeans casual friday outfit

I found these slim-fit boyfriend jeans at Old Navy and I was absolutely smitten! Slightly distressed, a wear-with-everything wash, and that perfect loose-but-not-baggy fit. I’ll take two, please! (Especially at the $34 price point!)

When I’m styling boyfriend jeans, I’m all about the lengthy layers to elongate my look. For a workday outfit, I chose a long silk blouse, a hit-at-the-hip sweater, a pendant necklace, and heels to add some height. Casual Friday at it’s finest!

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Pops of Pink

by Jessica Sturdy on February 13, 2015

camel theory coat, gray vince sweater, white denim in winter, j.crew calfhair leopard pumps, pink ombre scarf, hot pink handbag

There’s nothing I love more than a festive outfit! More often than not, my wardrobe revolves around the seasons. Over the winter holidays, I’m usually decked out in plaid shirts, skirts, and Santa hat beanies. I tend to dress in lots of neutrals — grays, blacks, and beiges — in January… it’s got to be the depressing weather! Then once February roles around, I start incorporating as many pops of pink as I can. Without entering Barbie territory, of course!

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Snowy Soho

by Jessica Sturdy on February 9, 2015

denim on denim outfit

Another snowy start to the week on the East Coast… surprise, surprise!

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Big Sky, Montana + Yellowstone National Park

by Jessica Sturdy on February 4, 2015

zara sweater cape

While I’m usually not one to wear leggings as pants, it was a must for a series of flights back to New York after a long weekend of snow sports. I’m sharing the last photos from my trip to Big Sky, Montana today… Lots of scenery photos from Yellowstone National Park, the Big Sky Ski Resort, as well as the cabin we rented for the weekend!

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Snack Attack

by Jessica Sturdy on February 3, 2015

rails la plaid shirt pearl cluster ring

When it comes to my eating habits, I’m a total grazer. I need to be eating all throughout the day or I get majorly hangry. If I haven’t had a little something within the last three hours, beware.

Picture yourself with these eating habits while trying to eat healthy and manage your meal proportions. It’s not easy! I try my best to drink a bottle of water whenever a snack craving kicks in because half the time it’s just dehydration. But for those times when it’s beyond thirst, I’ve recently found my go-to snacks that are healthy, satisfying, and pre-portion-controlled!

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Super Bowl Sunday Style

by Jessica Sturdy on February 2, 2015

cute outfit for a baseball game

When it comes to sporting event style, I’m a seasoned veteran. I grew up going to a lot of games and grew out of wearing lame team t-shirts pretty quickly. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for school (or team) spirit, but prefer to show my pride by styling an outfit that incorporates the team colors instead.

However, there’s a whole different category that we need to think about. What do you wear to games when you could care less about the outcome or the teams playing? Here are my thoughts…

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Challenge Complete

by Jessica Sturdy on January 31, 2015


robe / mug

Holy moly… Can you believe today is the last day of January? I feel like a broken record saying this, but the month flew by so quickly! A trip back from California, a trip home for a weekend to see my family, a weekend getaway to Montana with my college friends, a lot of work, brunches with girlfriends, breakfast meetings, after-work events, and a whole lot of blogging. This month has me ready for a nap, that’s for sure!

Processed with VSCOcam with s3 preset

planner / notepad / pen

I’m always quick to get down on my self and can be pretty critical of my personal performance, but I’m actually quite pleased with how this past month went! I really focused on trying to be my best self this month. I’ve all but cut coffee out of my diet.. down to one cup a day! I worked out as much as I could outside of my travel schedule. I tried new workouts. I brought my lunch to work more days than I bought lunch. I cooked breakfast almost every day. I cooked more dinners than I ordered in. I’ve opted for sleep when I know my body needs it. I’ve woken up early to get extra work done. I’ve pushed myself to shoot more outfit photos, even when it’s freezing and even when it’s snowing. I’ve focused on being more organized in all aspects of my life. I’ve kept my apartment more tidy. I’ve found new beauty products that have made a huge difference. I’ve prioritized my friends and family. I’ve caught myself in mental downward spirals and talked myself out of my over-analytical thoughts. I’ve tried to be incredibly more positive and upbeat, even when I’m exhausted. I’ve set daily, weekly, and month goals and done my best to achieve them. It’s been a pretty good month! Is everyday awesome? Unfortunately not. But your perspective is your reality. A little change in your attitude can change everything!

One thing I’ve found super helpful this month was completing one mini challenge each and every single day. It’s made me feel a sense of accomplishment, even when my day has seemed out of control. Remember when I told you about the Birchbox Challenge on New Years Day? Well, I did it! Sure, there were some days where the task at hand didn’t fit with my schedule, but I made sure to set aside time on a different day to check off those challenges.

Fitness challenges, exercises on setting boundaries, healthy recipes, lifestyle tweaks, and more… Each task is seemingly easy, but the series of changes definitely add up for a great sense of achievement. There are quite a few things that I’ll be making a habit of — solo-tasking from Day 30, yoga poses to fight cravings from Day 27, reading instead of TV from Day 25, a healthier workspace from Day 22, getting more sleep from Day 16, moving every hour from Day 15, meditation from Day 10, yoga in the AM from Day 5, and the delicious breakfast smoothie from Day 1.

Did you partake in any of the #BirchboxChallenge activities? What did you think?!

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Weekend Uniform

by Jessica Sturdy on January 29, 2015

j.crew stripe turtleneck, faux fur vest outfit

There’s nothing I love more than a classic combination of stripes and faux fur.

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