Black and Bare

by Jessica Sturdy on November 16, 2013

On a rare warm day a few weeks ago, I made the most out the last day we’ll be able to go sans-tights in New York this year. #tear

I’m going to try to enjoy this last ‘relaxing’ weekend in New York before the holiday craziness ensues. I have a few Soul Cycle classes scheduled, a few tentative plans with friends, and a rather lengthy to-do list. A fun item on my to-do list, though, is swinging by the newly opened Otte Nolita store! Otte is running a little Instagram contest and there are three $1000 gift cards up for grabs. More on the contest here! It’s super easy though, you just have to take a picture at the store. :)

Piperlime Moto Jacket | Gap Tee | Walter Baker Skirt (similar) | Bow Back Flats | Marc By Marc Jacobs Bag | BCBG Sunglasses | Capwell + Co Collar Necklace, Ring, Bracelets, and Snake Bangle

Photos taken by Hallie Wilson


Take Me to a Tailgate

by Jessica Sturdy on November 14, 2013

One of the things I feel like I miss out on the most from living in New York is sports. Growing up, it was all Illini all the time. In college, it was all about Illinois, too. Then living in Chicago with all of my friends from U of I, plus the all of the Chitown pride for the Bears, Blackhawks, Bulls, and Cubs, I feel like my social calendar kind of revolved around sports games (or at least watching them at bars). Here in New York, not so much. I guess I’ve traded the tailgating & beer for bubbly & blogging.

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Jewel Tones

by Jessica Sturdy on November 12, 2013

This little blog turns 3 today! Can you believe it? Time sure does fly. In all actuality though, I really can’t imagine my life without this thing. Bows & Sequins has been around for all of my adult let’s just say post-college life. It’s outlasted boyfriends, gotten me each and every job since college, introduced me to some of my very best friends, and can take full responsibility for my semi-permanent dark circles. Here’s to many more! :)

(Blog Birthday Posts #1 & #2)

Anyway, back to regularly scheduled programming. Another fall outfit! Speaking of fall, if it friggen snows today in New York… I will NOT be happy. I realize it’s mid-November, but I’m just not ready!

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Fancy Footwear

by Jessica Sturdy on November 11, 2013

Happy Monday! Don’t you just wish we could squeeze an extra day into the weekend? I finally had a weekend off from work and I did a whole lot of… nothing. Much needed! It’s kind of nice to feel recharged and ready for the week ahead. :)

This was my outfit for Day 2 of Lucky FABB. (Day 1 here!) I really like how all of the different textures and styles work together… A metallic leather jacket, a rustic plaid shirt, ripped jeans, and glitter pumps!

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Win a Trip to NYC

by Jessica Sturdy on November 11, 2013

Just a quick reminder… It’s the last day to win a trip to NYC! Details here. :)

More details on these XOXO looks here!


Leather & Leopard

by Jessica Sturdy on November 8, 2013

I posted about one of my favorite holiday trends yesterday and I’m back with another today. Well, two more I suppose. Leopard & Leather.

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Back on Track

by Jessica Sturdy on November 7, 2013

We’ve all done it… We’ve all fallen off the “workout wagon,” if you will, at some point or another. The key is to figure out how to get back on track after you’ve lost your routine.

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Feeling Festive

by Jessica Sturdy on November 7, 2013

I know it seems crazy, but the holidays are just around the corner! Fall has flown by and I think we’re seeing the last little bursts of color on the trees. It’s kind of sad that my absolute favorite season has come and gone, but I do love the holidays and the spirit that’s in the air throughout!

My family keeps it pretty casual for the holidays so I tend to opt for festive looks that aren’t overly dressy. The easiest way for me to feel festive is by incorporating sparkly statement jewelry, metallic fabrics, and a little bit of glitter!

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The Usual Uniform

by Jessica Sturdy on November 6, 2013

When I fell in love with this elbow patch sweater at J.Crew, I bought it in almost every color. Naturally.

I’ve always exercised that thought process when it comes to buying multiples in differing color ways… When it’s good, it’s good. Might as well have more of a good thing, right? :)

I love how this sweater is just the right amount of loose. (I’m wearing a Small, btw.) The shape is perfect for layering turtlenecks, chambray shirts, or button-front shirts underneath when the temperature really drops. And the elbow patch is just too perfect!

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Vested Interest

by Jessica Sturdy on November 5, 2013

Fur Vest, Faux Fur, Leather Shorts

I finally broke out the faux fur vests! And it was kind of like Christmas. At the end of last season, I couldn’t resist a few sale finds. Some may call me crazy for purchasing furry pieces in May, but I have to disagree. Sure, I realized that I wouldn’t be wearing said vests for many months, but does a fur vest go out of style? That’s what I thought!

I picked up this Vince Camuto faux fur vest at Marshalls and another deep green faux fur vest at Club Monaco. I’m sure the latter will be here on Bows & Sequins very soon!

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